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Students create story books in Chinese language

November 22, 2022 | Filed in HFM PTECH, HFM Top Stories

9th graders enrolled in Mandarin and Studio Art recently presented Chinese children’s books that they authored and illustrated themselves to students at Boulevard Elementary School in Gloversville. Using their knowledge of story elements, the Chinese language, and artistic techniques, the PTECH students were broken down into smaller groups to create a collection of books to be shared with the local elementary students. The presentations consisted of the groups from PTECH reading the books aloud in Mandarin and then translating into English for the Boulevard students. Each group also spoke about different foods that are popular in China, some of the major cities and landmarks in the country, and gave a brief overview of their history.

A PTECH student points to a Promethean board while discussing a book she wrote with her classmates in Chinese Group of elementary school students sitting at a long table listening to presentation being give in Chinese language by PTECH students Two PTECH students point to Promethean board while educating elementary school students about a landmark in China A male PTECH student stands in front of a classroom while discussing his story book written in Mandarin PTECH students give presentation to elementary school students about their story book they authored and illustrated Four PTECH students stand in front of classroom facing a group of elementary school students PTECH students stand in front of Promethean board and talk to elementary school students about the story book they authored and illustrated