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Programs & Services

HFM BOCES provides more than $40.8 million in shared educational services to the 15 school districts in Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton Counties.

  • More than 500 local high school students receive career and technical training at HFM BOCES.
  • More than 100 students who have experienced difficulties in their home high school programs will be educated through HFM BOCES’ Adirondack Academy in 2016-17.
  • HFM BOCES supports an eight-site Distance Learning network, allowing students to share advanced classes with other learners throughout the Capital Region.
  • HFM BOCES is creating multi-school educational partnerships that allow students to enroll in career-centered academic programs at participating schools.
  • Nearly 400 adult learners receive BOCES literacy and GED instruction.
  • The Special Education division, which comprises nearly half of the HFM BOCES organization, employs a staff of more than 200 people – and educates 99 percent of disabled children in our region in the same site as their non-disabled peers.
  • HFM PTECH and Ag-PTECH offer students 4-6 year pathways in non-traditional, project based classrooms, culminating in a Regent’s high school diploma AND an associate’s degree from an area college – all at no cost to students or their family.
  • Tri-County Pathways, provides a unique, enhanced opportunity for students in targeted career programs. Incoming freshmen have the chance to take advantage of career-centered academic programs at their choice of participating high schools.