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About Us

Vision Statement

The Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services is committed to being a valued partner, advocate for students, and educational leader in our region.

Mission Statement

The Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services collaborates to provide cost-effective, innovative programs and services that are purposefully focused on the needs of our schools and communities.

Core Beliefs

The Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services believes in:

  • creating and supporting an environment in every school where all students feel that they are welcome, they belong, and they are supported.
  • fostering positive relationships through active communication and strong collaboration.
  • serving as an advocate and leader for our component school communities.
  • creating innovative, engaging, and diverse learning opportunities.
  • identifying and eliminating actions, practices, and policies that intentionally or unintentionally promote biases, exclusion, or marginalization.
  • supporting regional economic growth and workforce development.
  • offering effective and efficient programs that respond to the emerging needs in education and the workforce.

Welcome to HFM BOCES

This online version of our organization helps answer some important questions: What do we do? and Why do we do it?

We promise the communities we serve to provide innovative leadership and to build partnerships that result in exciting educational opportunities for our students and efficient shared services for our component school districts.

Never before has collaboration been more important for public schools. Our job, to provide quality educational opportunities to all our students, is really everyone’s responsibility.

From our administrators to our instructional team to our support staff, every person at HFM BOCES is a critical part of our mission—to provide efficient, innovative programs and services responding to the needs of our component school communities.

However, the responsibility doesn’t begin nor end with us.

A child’s attitude as a life-long learner is forged at a very young age, and the valuable role played by parents and guardians cannot be underestimated. Nor can the influence of dedicated elementary teachers, who help students master the foundational blocks of their education. In fact, the component school districts that compose HFM BOCES are indispensable.

Our communities also play an important role, as do our local businesses. And our students are responsible too. For the rest of their lives, the discipline, integrity and perseverance they develop in school will repeatedly be put to the test.

It’s a rapidly changing world, and we need to be creative and adaptable in the ways we facilitate learning in our classrooms. At HFM BOCES, we look to work environments such as Google rather than the assembly line factories of the past as models for developing the 21st century professional skills our students will need to succeed.

Let’s work together to transform lives, to ensure that every student graduates and leaves us with the skills, aptitude and attitude to succeed in the workforce and college. At HFM BOCES, that is our aspiration and primary goal.