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Services Guide Introduction

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Dear District Administrators:

On behalf of the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services, I am pleased to present the 2024-2025 HFM Services Guide.

Here you’ll find descriptions of the services and programs we offer as we strive to be a Partner, Advocate, and Leader for our component school districts. Please know the information presented here is just a snapshot in time as we continuously work throughout the year to develop new programs and refine existing ones to best meet the changing needs of our component partners.

Over the past few years we have emphasized supporting your efforts to improve learning in your  districts by expanding opportunities for the professional growth of educators in our region. Our support of instructional improvement and the use of data to drive learning throughout the region will continue as New York restarts the system for school accountability.

You may notice expanded efforts to support Instructional Technology, which provides member districts with local support with purchasing software; and Model Schools, which offers access to a variety of opportunities focused on integrating technology experiences in classroom instruction.

If you have any specific questions about a service, contact the program administrator associated with that particular service. They are available to provide you with complete information and assistance.

In addition to this printed version, the Services Guide is available on our website. The online version can be accessed at

Thank you and please let us know how we can better serve you as we build our future together.

Image of HFM BOCES 2024-25 Services Guide

The 2024-25 HFM Services Guide is available in print and online. Click the above photo to view a printer-friendly PDF or use the navigation links to the right to view the information online.

David Ziskin, Ed.D.
HFM BOCES District Superintendent

District Superintendent Services

As District Superintendent, David Ziskin serves a dual role as both the chief operating officer of HFM BOCES and as the regional representative of the New York State Education commissioner. In that dual role, Dr. Ziskin provides a number of services to component school districts including:

Recruitment and Selection of School Superintendents

Upon request, the District Superintendent may assist component school districts in the recruitment and selection of a new school superintendent. The District Superintendent can provide recruitment services and serve as a consultant for screening, evaluating and hiring of candidates.

NYS Education Department Liaison

The District Superintendent provides school districts with assistance interpreting the laws and initiatives of the state Education Department providing clarification relative to rules and regulations formulated at the state level. The District Superintendent also facilitates communications between the Education Department, school districts and other public and private entities.

Consultation Services

The District Superintendent is also available to consult with school districts on a variety of topics ranging from management and planning to educational leadership and the implementation of state learning standards.

Contacts for more information