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Special Education-Related Services


Students with disabilities often need support beyond classroom instruction. We offer the following support services:

Counseling Services – COSER 705

This service offers counseling to children and families to help resolve the problems children face at home, school or in the community that may affect their adjustment in school.

Occupational Therapy – COSER 314

Occupational Therapy (OT) primarily helps children with disabilities develop their motor skills. The service includes consultation to teachers and parents so that the treatment carries over into both the classroom and home. Occupational Therapy is available to children attending regular school classes or a BOCES Special Education program.

Physical Therapy – COSER 313

Physical Therapy (PT) services for children with disabilities include evaluation and screening, development of a treatment program, direct physical therapy and consultation to parents and teachers.

Physical Therapy is designed to improve students’ reflex development, sensory-motor integration, postural control, !’.lait pattern, muscle development and daily living skills. The service is available to children attending regular school classes or a BOCES Special Education program.

Skilled Nursing Services

The health needs of students with disabilities can be more complex than for the general student population. The Health Services staff works with parents, the school district and the Committee on Special Education to see that children with disabilities:

  • Are properly immunized;
  • Have the appropriate documentation concerning medications administered;
  • Receive annual screenings for height, weight, vision, hearing and scoliosis; and
  • Receive proper medical attention when needed.
Speech/Language Therapy

This service is designed to help identify and diagnose children with speech, language and hearing problems, and to provide language remediation, speech development and consultation. The program also addresses the child’s emotional needs that are associated with speech, language and hearing difficulties.

Transition Services – COSER 318

If you have questions or would like information on planning and working toward after-high school goals, this department is here to assist and/or refer you to the most beneficial resources available.

Vision Services – COSER 312

Vision Services for the visually impaired and blind include evaluation and screening, direct instruction, consultation and support services, and in-service and training for parents, teachers and school districts. These services are designed to improve, rehabilitate and maintain the abilities of students whose vision and perceptions have affected educational progress. They are available to children attending regular school classes or a BOC ES special education program.

Work-Based Learning – COSER 315

This program is designed to assist students with disabilities, ages 16-21, in making successful workplace transitions. Work-Based Learning work sites vary depending upon the goals and interest areas of the individual student.

Relevant, supervised work experiences are provided in the community to develop employability and job-specific skills. Various levels of supervision are available depending on the needs of the students. Hours spent performing Work-Based Learning activities can assist a student to earn the New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies (COOS) Commencement Credential. This credential can be used as a pathway option for graduation, a stand-alone exiting credential or as a supplement to any diploma option.