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General Education and Support Services

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HFM BOCES provides a variety of general education and instructional support services designed to further improve the learning environment for students.

Dr. Lorraine Hohenforst
Deputy Superintendent
Phone: (518) 736-4305
FAX: (518) 736-4301

Adirondack Academy – COSER 403

Rick Potter, Principal
Phone: (518) 736-4321, FAX: (518) 736-4322

Christine Carioto, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-432o, FAX: (518) 736-4322

Adirondack Academy, located at the HFM BOCES campus in Johnstown, provides an educational option for at-risk students in grades 6-12 whose needs are not met by traditional secondary school settings. Through the program, students attain a high school diploma that maintains the same academic requirements as their home schools. With a small staff to student ratio, the ADK faculty are able to better know the students in order to determine individual needs. Students learn through small group direct instruction and Project-Based Learning in an effort to help them to develop 21st century skills required by today’s employers.

To learn more visit the Adirondack Academy webpage.

Distance Learning – COSER 405

Contact: TBA

Distance Learning uses a state-of-the-art interactive telecommunications system to teach courses simultaneously in several school districts. Students can enroll in regular school and summer school courses offered by districts in HFM BOCES, Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES and Capital Region BOCES plus other BOCES throughout the state.

Video conferencing capabilities are included in the network. Those participating in this fully aidable service get help with technical planning, bidding, purchasing, installation and training. A steering committee oversees the total project under BOCES direction, while the day-to-day operations are managed by BOCES staff.

More about Distance Learning from The Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC)

Instructional Resource Center – COSER 505

Kristi J. Beedon, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-4370, FAX: (518) 736-4371

The Instructional Resource Center includes a library of approximately 139,000 multimedia titles (streaming video, digitized images, text exemplar singles, documents and audio, DVDs, multiple-copy books, audio books, video and big books) covering a wide range of curriculum areas for K-12. These materials are available to teachers and administrators via an online catalog to supplement and enhance classroom resources. Students also have access to most of the online resources (streaming audio and video, digitized images, etc.).

The IRC also includes Soundzabound – a royalty free music library for students and teachers, a graphic novel collection for middle school students, an English curriculum supporting multimedia collection for high schools and a holiday collection for elementary schools.

The Instructional Resource Center provides a cooperative Sheet Music Library, containing approximately 6,600 titles, through a cross-contract with a cooperating BOCES. Audio-visual and computer repair is also provided through a cross-contract. The HFM BOCES interschool Courier Service is provided by the IRC.

Movie Licensing

Show feature length movies without worrying about copyright! The IRC purchases licensing from most major movie producers so districts can use film in the classroom, afterschool, evenings and more.

Library Automation – COSER 504

Kristi J. Beedon, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-4370, FAX: (518) 736-4371

The School Library System service provides school districts with a computerized cataloging and circulation system that has been found to:

  • Enhance students’ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Increase student access to resources via electronic networks; and
  • Develop students’ abilities to probe more deeply for information, by allowing them to go beyond traditional author-title-subject searches to more complex and complete keyword searches.

The service includes consulting services, preparation of price quotes, conversion of library holdings to computer records, equipment and software purchasing, installation and training.

Funded through the State Legislature, the system provides member districts with the following services: coordination of a regional interlibrary loan system, staff development for media specialists, mentoring and job shadowing for media specialists, group purchasing of periodical databases, coordinated cooperative collection development and consultation on library issues.

Itinerant Services

Dr. Lorraine Hohenforst, Deputy Superintendent
Phone: (518) 736-4305, FAX: (518) 736-4301

Component districts may share instructional, administrative and operational personnel connected with their regular education programs.

Following is a list of itinerant services offered by the HFM BOCES:

  • Business Education (COSER 335)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (COSER 338)
  • ENL (COSER 328)
  • Family and Consumer Science (COSER 330)
  • Library Media Specialist (COSER 332)
  • Music Teacher (COSER 307)
  • Pathways/PTECH Liaison (COSER 345)
  • Physical Education (COSER 303)
  • Records Management (COSER 638)
  • School (Guidance) Counselor (COSER 308)
  • School Psychologist (COSER 310)
  • School Psychologist-Handicapped (COSER 311)
  • Spanish (COSER 317)
  • Speech Handicapped (COSER 304)
  • Speech Improvement (COSER 301)

Other itinerant services can be developed or cross-contracted as needed. These might include Agriculture, Art, Attendance Officer, Business Manager and Human Resource Manager

Regional Principals Leadership Teams

Tara Caraco, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-4360, FAX: 736-4361

Elementary and secondary principals meet throughout the year to:

  • Share best practices;
  • Stay current with BOCES;
  • New York State Education Department and federal initiatives;
  • Discuss certification and staff development issues; and
  • Collaborate in the recruitment of professional staff.

The meetings are open to all component district principals.


Imagine a new model for high school education that includes college-level, credit-bearing coursework in the curriculum and allows students to choose their own “pathways” to high-skill jobs.” And add our PTECH programs include:

PTECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High School)

Matthew Davis, Principal
(518) 762-9119

PTECH offers students in the HFM region a non-traditional model for high school centered on project based, collaborative learning; personal pathways to careers; and connections to regional business partners. Selected students can earn one of 10 associate’s degrees at no cost to their families and will be considered for jobs with participating companies when they graduate.

The four- to six-year program includes college-level, creditbearing coursework beginning freshman year and allows students to choose their own “pathways” to high-skill jobs in five career clusters — business management and administration, advanced manufacturing and clean technology, information technology, health sciences and renewable resources.

To learn more visit the PTECH webpage.

AG-PTECH (Agriculture Pathways in Technology Early College High School)

Kevin Warren, Interim Principal
(518) 568-7023

AG-PTECH seeks to redefine secondary education with a curriculum that centers on project-based learning that will focus on skills in several agricultural based career clusters — animal industry, agricultural science, agricultural engineering technology, agricultural business, biological technology, culinary arts, sustainable crop production, environmental science, and fisheries and wildlife technology.

Through the program, students can earn an associate’s degrees in select majors at no cost to their families and will be considered for jobs with participating companies when they graduate.

To learn more visit the Ag PTECH webpage.

Foothills PTECH

Rebecca Gleason, Interim Principal
(518) 762-4661, ext. 1106

Foothills PTECH welcomed its first class of students in the 2018-19 school year and offers two areas of study through its Academy of Health and Medical Sciences and the Academy of Computer Science and Game Arts. The program is housed within Johnstown High School. High school students from throughout the HFM region are welcome to participate in either academy.

The Academy of Computer Science and Game Arts focuses on the digital gaming industry as the entry point for studies in computer science, internet/web development, animation and related business and marketing fields. The Academy of Health and Medical Science focuses on the medical arts and sciences, with specific attention centered on laboratory, clinical and patient technician career paths.

Regional Summer School – COSER 420

Michael DiMezza, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-4330, FAX: 736-4331

HFM BOCES Regional Summer School offers a cost-effective, consolidated service designed to help students in grades 9-12 who require classes to graduate on time. Course offerings in all core subject areas are based on enrollment, and some courses may not be offered if enrollment does not reach a required minimum.

Students’ eligibility for summer school is established by their home school district. Students who live in a non-participating district may attend summer school if their parents or guardians make arrangements directly with a participating district. Parents of these students are required to pay a tuition fee per course.

Summer Enrichment – COSER 413

Michael DiMezza, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-4330, FAX: 736-4331

HFM BOCES will help districts plan and coordinate summer enrichment programming for students in K-12 with a focus on improving English and math skills. Students will have opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding to ensure success in the coming school year. Where appropriate, programming will be combined to provide summer enrichment to students from multiple districts in single locations.