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General Education Services

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Jay A. DeTraglia
Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services
for Student Programs
(518) 736-4681

Adirondack Academy – COSER 403

Christine Carioto, Principal
Phone: (518) 736-4321, FAX: (518) 736-4322

Brian Garrity, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (518) 736-4321, FAX: (518) 736-4322

Adirondack Academy, located at the HFM BOCES campus in Johnstown, provides an educational opportunity for at-risk students in grades 9-12 whose needs are not met by traditional secondary school settings. Through this program, students can attain a high school diploma that maintains the same academic requirements as their respective component districts. Adirondack Academy focuses on an individualized approach to the different learning styles of the students to accommodate student needs. This is accomplished through a quarterly schedule where students can focus on two classes at a time, and earn credit for each course at the end of each quarter. Additionally, a smaller learning environment is created where students can receive a more personalized learning experience to ensure student success.

To learn more visit the Adirondack Academy webpage.


Matthew Davis
Principal, HFM PTECH
(518) 762-9119

Celeste Kane
Administrative Coordinator
(518) 762-3714

PTECH is a 6-year program that incorporates project based learning and professional skills training as students work simultaneously toward earning their Regents high school diploma and a two-year associate degree at no cost to their families.

Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, HFM’s three PTECH programs (HFM PTECH, Ag PTECH and Foothills PTECH) were co-located at the Glebe Street School in Johnstown and on the campuses of FMCC and SUNY Cobleskill.

The PTECH programs will be organized into three Pathway Clusters:

  • Pathways in Business and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Pathways in Agriculture
  • Pathways in Medical/Health Sciences and Computer Science

Grades 9 and 10 for all three clusters will attend Glebe Street and grade 11 students in each pathway will transition to FMCC. For Grade 12-14, Ag Pathway students will attend SUNY Cobleskill to complete their associate degree. Grade 12-14 students in Business, Advanced Manufacturing, Medical/Health Science and Computer Science Pathways will attend FMCC to complete their degrees.

Eighth-graders are eligible to apply. Because the curriculum is structured to allow for acceleration into college courses, students must enter the program their freshman year of high school.

To learn more about our PTECH programs visit the PTECH webpage.

Regional Summer School – COSER 420

HFM BOCES Regional Summer School offers a cost-effective, consolidated service designed to help students in grades 9-12 who require classes to graduate on time. Course offerings in all core subject areas are based on enrollment, and some courses may not be offered if enrollment does not reach a required minimum.

Students’ eligibility for summer school is established by their home school district. Students who live in a non-participating district may attend summer school if their parents or guardians make arrangements directly with a participating district. Parents of these students are required to pay a tuition fee per course.

Summer Enrichment – COSER 413

HFM BOCES will help districts plan and coordinate summer enrichment programming for students in K-12 with a focus on improving English and math skills. Students will have opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding to ensure success in the coming school year. Where appropriate, programming will be combined to provide summer enrichment to students from multiple districts in single locations.