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Faculty and Staff Recognized During Closing Day Celebration

June 23, 2023 | Filed in Archive, HFM Top Stories

A number of HFM BOCES faculty and staff members were recognized for milestone service to the organization during the annual Closing Day Celebration on Friday, June 23 including:

15 years of service:

Pamela Cacciari
Gail Colinas
Julie Garnet
Charles Goebel
Valerie Hotaling
Pamela Kowalski
Holly Hisert-Joyner
Sean Mahon
Matthew Popp
Erin Wilmot
Lynda Winchell

20 years of service:

Maryerin Agard
John Gleeson
Jason Hillabrandt
Julie Mead
Michelle Rice
Dawn Sutton

25 years of service:

Michael Andrews
Shelly Hoyt

30 years of service:

Lisa Malagisi

Also recognized during the event were the 2022-2023 retirees including:

Michael Brown – Bus Driver (Regional Transportation)
Lauri Kamp – Senior Typist (CSEA)
Cathy Nicosia – Teacher Aide (School Related Professionals Unit)
Darla Hine – Teacher Aide (School Related Professionals Unit)
Valerie Hotaling – Teacher Aide (School Related Professionals Unit)
JoAnn Iarossi – Special Education (Teachers’ Association)
Latha Kaliath – ENL (Teachers’ Association)
Cheryl Kelly – Special Education (Teachers’ Association)
Lisa Malagisi – Corrections Education (Teachers’ Association)
Phillip Schuyler – Digital Multimedia (Teachers’ Association)
Jerri Holloway – Physical Therapist (OT/PT)
Tiena Kline – Human Resources Specialist (Non-Represented)
Michelle Husek – Administrative Aide (Non-Represented)
Terry Kersting – Bus Driver Trainer (Non-Represented)