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HFM PTECH holds Awards Ceremony

June 22, 2023 | Filed in Archive, HFM PTECH, HFM Top Stories

Seventy-eight students were recognized by HFM PTECH teachers and administrative staff for their hard work and accomplishments in the 2022-2023 school year. Students and their families enjoyed a beautiful night outside as they celebrated their achievements.

large group of people sit in lawn chairs and listen to a speaker with a sunset in the background group of people in lawn chairs listen to a speaker at a podium

HFM PTECH Principal Celeste Keane first congratulated those students who completed their High School Diploma requirements and will receive their NYS Regents Diplomas when they complete the PTECH program, “This is a big milestone in the program and in your path for success. We hope you recognize just as much as we do how hard you have worked and how proud we all are of you.”

a speaker stands at a podium while two other people sit at a table

HFM PTECH Principal Celeste Keane addresses PTECH students, families and friends at the Awards Ceremony.


HFM PTECH 2023 High School Regents Diploma Completers

Tatum Brooker

Seth Clark

Elizabeth Delos

Hailey Ferrari

Nicholas Hughes

Landon Keane

Davin Melita

Damien Peck

Janiya Sarr

Jillian Simpson

Nathaniel Stowell

Janiya Torres

Teachers and staff then went on to celebrate students’ dedication and commitment to academics, as well as club and specialty awards. All awards recipients were acknowledged for working hard, persevering through the school year, and exemplifying what it means to be a PTECH student: a self-driven learner who is committed to one’s own education. Special guest, former HFM PTECH Principal Matt Davis, was in attendance and presented some of the awards.

a speaker stands at a podium while three other people sit at a table

Former HFM PTECH Principal Matt Davis was a special guest at the Awards Ceremony.

Awards Recipients

Jordan Rave Award – Gary Vertucci (not pictured)

The Jordan Rave Award is given annually, in memory of Jordan, a member of the first cohort of students here at PTECH. Jordan left his mark on our school as someone who persevered through adversity and maintained a positive attitude and displayed friendship to those around him. Each year this award is given to a student who exemplifies these characteristics. Congratulations to Gary, in addition to his certificate, his name will be added to the plaque at PTECH.

PTECH Bridge Award – Guinevere Grimes

The Bridge Award is awarded to a PTECH junior who embraces the PTECH vision while excelling in the collage setting; creating a social, academic, and professional bridge between the early college high school and college setting.

two people pose with certificate

PTECH Bridge Award recipient Guinevere Grimes accepts her award from Jennifer Sponnoble, School Counselor and College Liaison.


Most Improved:

Cody Bramer

Alyssa Clute

Leo Eutermarks

Khloe Filkins

Emma Flores

Gracie Goodrich

Julissa Johnson

Ethan Lince

Elyjah Litts

Jarrod Miles

Isabella Olsen

Makenzie Riley

Andrew Satas

Morgan Spiezio

Erica Telfer

Madison Tierney

Gary Vertucci


Academic Honors:

Samantha Allen

Mackenzie Barkley

Samantha Bravo

Caden Douglas

Alanea Geweye

Julie Kirby

Dan Lancaster

Aaron Lopez

Kendal McLaine

Audrey Mika

Makenzie Riley

Alyssa Santiago

Andrew Satas

Samantha Seydi

Chris Szabo

Brooklyn Vasquez

Ben Vroman

Makiya Smith


Club Awards:

Yearbook – Photo Organizer – Samantha Allen

Positivity Club – Award for Positivity in Action – Mackenzie Barkley

SGA – SGA Super Star Award – Samantha Bravo

Yearbook – Design – Giana Cross

Yearbook – Top Promoter – Alina Davila-Cruzado

FFA – FFA All Star Award – Zach Gamble

Robotics – Tenacious Tech Titan – Xavier Grieme

FFA – FFA All Star Award – Avery Griffin

Art Club – Driven Creator – Nolan Meyer

SGA – To Infinity and Beyond – Luke Page

Gaming Club – Positivity in Gaming – Will Pitcher

Debate Club – Founders Award – Ashlee Shang

Positivity Club – Award for the Other People Mindset – Samantha Shrader

FBLA – Guiding Star of FBLA – Riley Sweet

SGA – SGA Super Star Award – John Vargas


Other Awards:

Creative Thinker Award – Samantha Allen

Agriculture Advocate Award – Alexis Baker

Positivity Award – Mackenzie Barkley

Writer’s Guild Award – Sean Brown

The Extra Mile Award – Ciara Buchanan

Hard Worker – Connor Dingman

Above and Beyond – Keandra Farrington

“Most Likely to Help Out” – Gavin Freeman

PTECH Bridge Award -Evie Grimes

Writer’s Guild Award – Hailey Hallenbeck

Writer’s Guild Award – Andrew Hemstreet

Carpe Diem Award – Kaliyanna Infante

Enthusiastic Foreign Language Learner – Dan Lancaster

PTECH Picasso – Nora Meyer

Principal’s Leadership Award – Madison Milby

Project Leader – Schuyler Nichols

Principal Leadership Award – Aesha Patel

Steadfast Success – Kayley Platt

Growth Through Self Advocacy Award – Kayley Platt

The Extra Mile Award – Alyssa Santiago

Future Historian Award – Andrew Satas

Positive Attitude and Participation – Gio Schaffer

Principal’s Leadership Award – Gio Schaffer

The Tenacity Award – Jordan Stanton-Forsey

Excel-lent Formulas Whisperer – Erica Telfer

Going Above and Beyond – Emily Verigan

Jordan Rave Award – Gary Vertucci

Positive Attitude and Participation – Carl Witzke

Writer’s Guild Award – Carl Witzke

Decision, Discipline & Determination Award – Dakota Witzke

Most Valuable Player – Hayden Richards