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Students earn Skills Achievement Commencement Credentials

June 29, 2023 | Filed in Archive, HFM Special Education, HFM Top Stories
Congrats are in order for our students in the Special Education classrooms at Gloversville Middle School who graduated recently, earning their Skills Achievement Commencement Credentials.
Their future plans include the following: helping babysit family members with the goal of obtaining a part-time job, attend a day habilitation program while trying to obtain a part-time job at a movie theater, obtain a job through support services while also being slated to participate in a custodial job with job coaching, and attend a day habilitation program at Liberty Enterprises.
A student poses with his certificate of completion during a completion ceremony at Gloversville Middle School.
A student is congratulated during a commencement ceremony after earning her Skills Achievement Commencement Credentials.
A student speaks with a teacher during a commencement ceremony.
A teacher hands a certificate of completion to a student during a commencement ceremony.