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Arkell Museum selects PTECH student artwork for display

February 9, 2023 | Filed in Archive, HFM PTECH, HFM Top Stories

During a visit to the Arkell Museum at Canajoharie in January, 9th grade Studio Art students from PTECH were tasked with helping the museum attract a younger audience. The students were asked to create a new piece of art or design inspired by an artwork that is currently on display. The redesign could be a traditional painting, drawing, sculpture, or a more unconventional object. Three pieces of art were recently selected as finalists and will be displayed on the museum’s social media platforms. Congratulations to the following students:

Erica Telfer, Recreation of “Golden Girl” by George de Forest Brush
Christopher Szabo, Recreation of “On the Thames” by James McNeill Whistler
Will Kasierski, “USS Constitution in a Bottle”

Mary Alexander, the Curator of Education and Public Engagement at the Arkell Museum, shared the following comments about the artwork:

Erica Telfer, Recreation of “Golden Girl” by George de Forest Brush

This piece made us laugh! Great use of computer/ photo shop. This piece really brings Golden Girl to modern audiences by making it almost meme like – this feels very “today”.  We love the laser eyes. Her eyes, and the eye of many portraits are captivating. This piece shows us a painting almost fighting back against the constant onslaught of people looking at her.

Christopher Szabo, Recreation of “On the Thames” by James McNeill Whistler

I really liked the way the artist honored Whistler’s vision, but did so as a sketch in charcoal. Skillfully done, this artist clearly knows their craft. This sketch is an excellent version of the original and shows the skill Szabo has as an artist in bringing the piece back to a simpler form.  A charcoal or pencil sketch is often where artists begin before going to paint and canvas.  I also appreciate the artist recreating the frame. The exhibition was on frames and this attention to detail is excellent.

Will Kasierski, “USS Constitution in a Bottle”

This is just really fun piece. Great use of computer graphics. Although not in the artist statement, the USS Constitution is an important floating museum and it feels like it has been kept in a bottle, carefully fixed and protected to show a certain time in American history. This feels almost meme-like. Great for a modern audience as it asks us why this particular ship should be so worthy of a bottle.

Honorable mention:

Sam Shrader, Recreation of “On the Beach” by Winslow Homer

Beautiful use of color and watercolor as a medium. Skillfully done. We hope this artist continues to work on their craft.

Cole Kiffney, “USS Chicken”

This is so funny. Mixing the chicken or rooster painting and the USS Constitution is creative, imaginative, and fun!