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Students share Valentine’s Day artwork with local senior citizens

February 12, 2021 | Filed in Archive

Local senior citizens will be getting some Valentine’s Day greetings this year thanks to the HFM BOCES students Gloversville Middle School and High School.

Art students in the BOCES programs at GHS and GMS participated in a service project for the Fulton County Office for the Aging recently to send out Valentine’s cards to Meals on Wheels participants.

BOCES art teacher Jamie Sedal-Ammann said she heard about the Office for the Aging project through one of her students and thought it would be a great way for students to create art to make others feel good.

During the project, the students discussed empathy, feelings, and how artwork can brighten people’s spirits. They also learned about contemporary street artist Chris Uphues, who uses bright colors, and fun faces to evoke emotion. Students created artwork in his style and some even created extra work to distribute and received extra credit.

“This project was a simple way to demonstrate that a small piece of art, a small act of kindness, and small gestures go a long way. In the crazy world we are living in, I think it is important to teach students to help out others when they can. Art is the perfect way to do so,” Sedal-Ammann said.

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