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Students participate in civilizations expo

November 16, 2022 | Filed in HFM PTECH, HFM Top Stories

Our 10th grade Global Studies students recently participated in a Civilizations Expo. Students were tasked with developing a hypothetical plan to build a functioning civilization that is economically and politically functional, equitable, and meets the needs of all its inhabitants. They were challenged to apply their understanding of global history, basic economics and government, and geography to propose a foundation for what they believe to be a successful and thriving society. In the end, their projects were put on display for all classmates to view.

A parent speaks with a male student about the student's civilization expo project. Female and male student  pose in front of their display at the civilizations expo.

The students were also joined at the expo by special guest Amanda Bearcroft, Director of Community & Economic Development, with the City of Amsterdam. “You can tell that a lot of thought went into each project,” said Bearcroft. “They are all very unique, so you can definitely see the thought process between the groups that were put together.”

male and female student participate in the civilizations expo. male and female student show off their civilizations expo project called Baltanism