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Retirees, employees thanked for years of service

June 23, 2021 | Filed in Archive, HFM Top Stories

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HFM BOCES did not hold its annual BOCES-wide Closing Day ceremony again this year. However, HFM would like to thank our recent retirees and our current employees who have reached milestones in their years service to our students and communities.

2020-21 Retiree Recognition

Administrators Association

Richard Potter – Principal, Retirement Date: 9/30/20


Craig Barker – Head Custodial Worker, Retirement Date: 3/31/21
Diana Lindsley – Senior Typist, Retirement Date: 10/31/20
Les Mykel – Maintenance Mechanic, Retirement Date: 4/30/21
Colleen Nellis – Typist, Retirement Date: 10/30/20


Pamela Hulbert – Principal Account Clerk, Retirement Date: 9/29/20

Regional Transportation

Cathy Catucci – School Bus Attendant, Retirement Date: 6/30/21
Renee Dunham – Bus Driver, Retirement Date: 6/26/21
Robert Gallup – School Bus Attendant, Retirement Date: 9/4/20
Eileen Henry – Bus Driver, Retirement Date: 10/31/20

School Related Professionals Unit

Michele Adams – Teacher Aide, Retirement Date: 6/26/21
Gary Avery – Teacher Aide, Retirement Date: 6/30/21
Darlene Vogt – Registered Professional Nurse, Retirement Date: 6/30/21

Teachers Association

Eleanor Brown – Speech Therapist, Retirement Date: 6/30/21
Karen Edwards – Physical Education, Retirement Date: 9/4/20
Joseph Salamack – Special Education, Retirement Date: 6/30/21

Years of Service Recognition

15 Year Recognition

Jay DeTraglia
Desiree Edwards
Charis Dimitriou
Trisha Memrick
Lisa Royal
Julie Sitterly
Marie Smimmo
Rebecca Suchy
Connie Whitbeck

20 Year Recognition

Shannon Argersinger
Tammy Baxter
Christopher Flint
Toni Giblin
Patricia Jackson
Jennifer Lander
John Lott
Lisa Waldron
Cathy Zanella

25 Year Recognition

Anna Everhardt
Pamela Hulbert
Lisa Sperduto
Aaron Sieg
Sandra Sortecky
Paul Wilder

30 Year Recognition

Craig Barker
Barbara Hatcher
Donald Hodge, Jr.

35 Year Recognition

Eleanor Brown
Nancy Turnbull

four retirees pose for a photo

In June, a party was held at the Hales Mills Country Club to recognize retirees from 2019-20, 2020-21 and those planning to retire in 2021-21.