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2021 Career and Technical Education Awards

Program Awards

Auto Body Repair

Highest Average: Logan Martinez
Most Professional: Adrian J. Dorman

Auto Technology

Highest Average: Richard Mancini
Best Attendance: Kyle Davis

Construction Technology

Highest Average: Daniel M. Dylong
Most Professional: Manley Baker, III

Cosmetology A

Highest Average: Naomi Rose Leibers
Most Professional: Naomi Rose Leibers

Cosmetology B

Highest Average: Sarah Larsen, Sophia Himpsl
Most Professional: Lily Bown

Criminal Justice

Highest Average: Jillian Bazan
Most Professional: Kiaira Tomlinson

Culinary Arts

Highest Average: Ashlee Baker
Most Professional: Dominic Buckley

Cybersecurity & Computer Technology

Highest Average: Jesse J. Watson
Most Professional: Jesse J. Watson

Digital Multimedia

Highest Average: Hailee Waddle
Most Professional: Hailee Waddle

Environmental Conservation –  Heavy Equipment

Highest Average: Riley J. Savoie

Environmental Conservation – Forestry

Highest Average: James DeRonda
Most Professional: Bobby C. Mickan

Foundations of Food Services

Highest Average: Keaira Diamond Rivera
Most Professional: Courtney Stevens

Medical Assisting

Highest Average: Leah N. Frascatore
Most Professional: Sierra K. Litts

New Visions Education

Highest Average: Hailey Charboneau, Malia Colwill

New Visions Health Careers

Highest Average: Delaney LaFontaine, Alinah K. Marinov
Most Professional: Emma Elisabeth Pierce, Morgan Ellen Hotaling

Skilled Trades: Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing

Highest Average: Luke Adams
Most Professional: Luke Adams

Veterinary and Animal Science

Highest Average: Aireana L. Muhlberger
Most Professional: Jordyn Wozniak
Best Attendance: Tiffany Lynn Hazzard

Special Awards

HFM BOCES Teacher’s Association Award

Aireana L. Muhlberger
Hailee Waddle

HFM Superintendent’s Association Award

Hailey Charboneau
Daniel M. Dylong

Outstanding Professional Student Award

Delaney LaFontaine
Sarah Larsen

Fulton County Health Scholarship Award- Medical Assisting

Kamden M. Battisti
Sadie Jean Blowers
Nathan R. Himpsl

Fulton County Health Scholarship Award- New Visions Health

Deandra Raven Myers
Madisyn Sydney Schell

Ben Conte Pay It Forward Scholarship

Kristopher Allen Clapper

Dr. Geoffrey H. Davis Memorial Award

Zacharie Young