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BOCES program at GHS recognizes graduate Sean Eckler

June 22, 2021 | Filed in Archive

The HFM BOCES Special Education program at Gloversville High School is celebrating graduate Sean Eckler.

The program had a small celebration, which included some of Sean’s favorite foods–chicken wings and a milkshake.

Art teacher Jamie Sedal-Ammann, Sean is a very talented art student, and soared into the digital realm this year. Sean is known for his detailed sketches and hopes to one day pursue a career as an artist or voice actor. He is a very impressive young man and we wish him all the best.

Sean gives the thumbs up standing next to a 2021 graduation banner

art work of a self portrait of Sean giving the thumbs up featuring a sword, a pencil, pikachu, Super Mario and a PS4 game

art work by Sean featuring stack rectangular objects