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HFM PTECH launches Attendance Matters initiative

November 19, 2020 | Filed in Archive

HFM PTECH has launched an initiative to emphasize the importance of attending school every day.

The teachers on the Attendance Matters Committee created an animation and presented it today to introduce a contest that will reward students for good attendance. Classes that have 90 percent or higher attendance will be entered into a monthly drawing for a popcorn party. Remote students will be eligible to receive prizes as well.

As part of the initiative, which is aimed at improving overall PTECH attendance at Glebe Street School and HFM BOCES Main Campus, 11th-graders in Studio Art are creating designs for posters and flyers to be hung around the two campuses. One of the students’ designs will be selected to be featured on PTECH apparel. The apparel sale will serve as a school-wide fundraiser to support the Attendance Matters incentives.

View the animation the teachers created to introduce the attendance contest.