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Ag PTECH students honored with awards

June 26, 2018 | Filed in Archive

Agriculture PTECH students received awards in various areas of study during an evening event Thursday, June 21.

The select awards and cafeteria awards included cash prizes or gift certificates.

During the event, sophomores received book bags for their chosen degree pathways.

The awards given were as follows:

English Language Arts

  • Ashlee Cotton and Grace Yennard — Word Wizard Award
  • Noah Kocjan, Adam Feagles and Olivia Gwozdz —Most Improved
  • Haley Clear and Natillia Johnson — Bookworm Award
  • Madison Wojcik and Braidyn Andrews — Team Player Award

Earth Science

  • Brady Poyfair — Green Man Award
  • Madison Wojcik — Most Improved
  • Natillia Johnson — Team Player Award
  • Ashlee Cotton — Gaia Award

Physical Education

  • Alexandra Burns, Jenna Finch, Andrew Mead, Jared Linart and Haley Clear — Team Player Award
  • Connor Countryman and Connor Peterson — Most Improved Award

Social Studies

  • Brady Poyfair, Madison Blood, Natillia Johnson, Danion Jonker — Dynamic Discussion Leaders
  • Kristin Quist and Madison Delgado — Team Player Award 
  • Michelle Joyce — Most Improved
  • Bethany Dunce-Duffek and Theresa Romaine — Most Altruistic
  • Mari-Ahna Manchester — Most Creative Projects


  • Ethan Harding and Makenzie Merendo — Most Improved
  • Madison Delgado and Brandon Johnson — Team Player Award
  • Travis Nelson and Aidan David — Cultivating Calculator Award


  • Travis Nelson and Tyler Henderson — Most Improved
  • Star Pacillo and Michelle Joyce — Team Player Award
  • Victoria White and Alexis Sanguine — Agriculture Enthusiast Award

Cafeteria Awards

  • Brady Poyfair, Loretta Newcomer, Keegan Darrow and Grace Yennard — Wooden Spoon Award

Select Awards

  • Aidan David, Brandon Johnson and Alexis Sanguine — Most Career Focused
  • Madison Blood and Aidan David — Achievement Award, Highest Grade Average
  • Kyla Herrick and Theresa Romaine (ninth grade) and Adam Feagles and Jenna Finch (10th grade) — Green Thumb Citizenship Award, presented by Eric Reid