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Ag PTECH presents annual awards with virtual ceremony

June 17, 2020 | Filed in Archive

Agriculture PTECH hosted its annual awards night in a virtual format on June 11, announcing awards winners in several categories with an online slideshow.

This year’s award winners are:

Agriculture Awards

Ag Enthusiast

9th- Dakota Witzke
10th- Iven Beam, Isaac Beam

Future Agriculturalist

9th- Caden Douglas
10th- Aimee Morse

Art Awards

Artistic Achiever

9th- Kamdyn Brightwell
11th- Aidan David

The Georgia O’Keeffe Award

9th- Melanie Ramirez
11th- Haley Clear and Kyla Herrick

The Pablo Picasso Award

9th- Dakota Witzke
11th- Loretta Newcomer and Bethany Dence-Duffek

ELA Awards

Literary Scholar

9th- Arianna George
10th- Caleb Ropeter and Owen Feagles

Word Wizard

9th- Kyrah Hope
10th- Isaiah Berg

Book Worm

9th- Bella Case
10th- Tatiana Myers

Math Awards

Math Minded

9th- Kyrah Hope
10th- Aimee Morse

Algebraic Achiever

9th- Bradley Oathout
10th- Sean Biggie

Physical Education Awards

Most Valuable Players

9th- Tylur Bramer and Arianna George
10th- Michael Williams and Corinne Subik
11th- Theresa Romaine and Travis Nelson

Science Awards

David Attenborough Award

9th- Deeanna Douglas
10th- Caleb Ropeter AND Lyndsey Price

Rosalind Franklin Award

9th- Kyrah Hope
9th (Earth Science)- Olivia Michalski
10th- Tatiana Myers

Social Studies Awards

Global Guru

Sean Biggie

The Gandhi Award

10th- Isaiah Berg
11th- Bethany Dence-Duffek

Wonderful Historic Writer

10th- Aleisa Caraballo

Senior Awards

Ag Pioneers

Madison Blood and Jenna Finch

Always a Friend

Kristiana Cowan

Most Improved

Ben Littrell

Ag Strong

Brady Poyfair

Special Awards

Wooden Spoon Awards

9th- Nicholas Hughes and Bradley Oathout
10th- Lyndsey Price and Isaiah Berg
11th- Olivia Gwozdz and Makenzie Merendo
12th- Ethan Harding and Madison Wojcik

Team Player Awards

9th- Tylur Bramer
10th- Jayden Sackett
11th- Theresa Romaine
12th- Zackary Reid

Highest GPA

9th- Bella Case
10th- Kaylee Finch
11th- Aidan David
12th- Madison Blood

Community Contributor Award

Emily Wood

Ag PTECH Green Thumb Citizenship Award

9th- Tylur Bramer
10th- Kaylee Finch
11th- Brandon Johnson
12th- Adam Feagles