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2022 Career & Technical Education Awards

Program Awards

Auto Body

Highest Average: Darryl Mullarkey
Most Professional: Noah Horning

Auto Technology

Highest Average: Lawrence Sinisi
Most Professional: Trevor James McSpirit

Construction Technology

Highest Average: Bryce R. Anderson
Most Professional: Josiah M. Jensen

Cosmetology (Mrs. Mead)

Highest Average: Leasey M. Zemanek
Most Professional: Giovanna N. Cassella

Cosmetology (Ms. Charpentier)

Highest Average: Shantel L. Kretser
Most Professional: Amy Cimmino

Criminal Justice

Highest Average: Jayla K. McGaffin
Most Professional: Jacob Curtis

Culinary Arts

Highest Average: Kiley Sweet
Most Professional: Kiley Sweet

Cybersecurity and Computer Technology

Highest Average: Peyton Blakeslee
Most Professional: Peyton Blakeslee

Digital Multimedia and Communications

Highest Average: Carson Andrew Munn
Most Professional: Jordan C. Miller

Engineering Technology

Highest Average: Jacob Church
Most Professional: Logan Snyder

Environmental Conservation: Forestry

Highest Average: Mason Kruggel
Most Professional: Karsen Gray-Foster

Environmental Conservation: Heavy Equipment

Highest Average: Brandon T. Dygert
Most Professional: Brandon T. Dygert

Foundations of Food Services

Highest Average: Tyler Bailey
Most Professional: Cody Wadsworth

Medical Assisting

Highest Average: Alyssa M. Sleasman
Most Professional: Lorena Marie Trumble

New Visions Education

Highest Average: Jenna E. Scribner

New Visions Health Careers

Highest Average: Troy Fiorilla
Most Professional: Garrett McHeard

Skilled Trades: Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing

Highest Average: Austin Bulan
Most Professional: Austin Bulan

Veterinary and Animal Science

Highest Average: Patrick W. Pohl
Most Professional: Larkin N. Sardella

Special Awards

HFM BOCES Teacher’s Association Award

Patrick W. Pohl and Jayla K. McGaffin

HFM Superintendent’s Association Award

Garrett McHeard and Taylor A. Smith

Outstanding Professional Student Award

Garrett P. Neff and Jordan C. Miller

Fulton County Health Scholarship Award (Medical Assisting)

Alyssa M. Sleasman and Lorena Marie Trumble

Fulton County Health Scholarship Award (New Visions Health Careers)

Isabella Lewis and Kelsey R. Meca

Ben Conte Pay It Forward Scholarship

Matthew de Jong

Silent Servant Award

Alyssa M. Sleasman

Thomas Olivio Leadership Award

Jordan C. Miller