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Students use school greenhouse yield to make fresh pesto

September 27, 2018 | Filed in Archive

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Students in Julia Hudyncia’s Introduction to Agriculture Science and Introduction to Horticulture classes on Tuesday used basil and garlic picked from the school’s high-tunnel greenhouse to make fresh pesto.

In addition to having the students make something on their own, the remainder of the greenhouse’s fall harvest will be used by school cafeteria staff when preparing meals for students in the coming weeks.

The yield from the new greenhouse wasn’t as good as hoped for this first season because the structure’s irrigation system is not yet in place, but Hudyncia expects the project to continue to move forward so the students can plant a variety of vegetables in the spring.

The Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Montgomery and Fulton counties partnered to secure funding for the greenhouse project from the New York State Soil and Water Conservation Committee. The high tunnel greenhouse was built on the Ag PTECH campus in the spring, with students helping with as much of the work as possible.