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PTECH students find inspiration in ADK Academy teacher

April 3, 2023 | Filed in Archive, HFM PTECH, HFM Top Stories
Students enrolled in English 12 recently began working on a poetry unit in class.  They have been assigned to choose a poem in which they will analyze and then teach to their classmates. Eventually they will also create their own piece of art inspired by the poem they chose.
To help with the project was Tom Halloran who is a teacher at Adirondack Academy and a poetry enthusiast. Tom shared his own work with the students and a little bit about the process of digging deeper into yourself. After his presentation, a few students in the class decided to use Tom as their inspiration poet to analyze and model a work after.
PTECH students in English 12 pose with Tom Halloran.
Adirondack Academy teacher Tom Halloran speaks to a group of PTECH students about poetry.