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HFM Career & Technical Education celebrates class of 2024

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288 high school seniors were honored at the annual Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES Career and Technical Education commencement ceremony on Thursday, June 13 before an audience of family, friends, faculty, and administrators.

The ceremony, which took place at SUNY Fulton-Montgomery Community College, recognized students from the 11 HFM area high schools for successful completion of one and two-year programs including auto body repair, auto technology, construction technology, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, cybersecurity & computer technology, digital multimedia, robotics and engineering technology, environmental conservation, foundations of food services, medical assisting, new visions education, new visions health careers, skilled trades, and veterinary and animal science.

The evening began with remarks from HFM CTE Principal Michael DiMezza who gave the students a bit of advice as they set out into the world.

“The next steps on this journey are yours to choose. You can choose to do anything that you want,” said DiMezza. “You can start a business, go to college, join the military, or enter the workforce, but you need to do what will make you the best version of yourself. It is your choice on how you will be successful.”

HFM CTE Administrative Coordinator Kristina Marshall also addressed the students telling them they are exactly what our world needs right now.

You are well rounded individuals with hands-on experience and 21st century skills that most don’t get until well after high school,” said Marshall. “Take advantage of what you’ve learned here and run with it. We are proud of you, we support you, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.”

In addition to receiving certificates of completion, several special awards were presented to students including:

HFM BOCES Teachers’ Association Award

Gavin Quist – Broadalbin-Perth, Cybersecurity & Computer Technology

Maegann McSpirit – Johnstown, New Visions Education

HFM Superintendents’ Association Award

Mackenzie Ellis – Gloversville, Veterinary and Animal Science

Allison Wakefield – Broadalbin-Perth, New Visions Health

Ben Conte Pay It Forward Scholarship

Dylan Barnes – Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville, Environmental Conservation

HFM BOCES Professional Student Award

Ryleigh Fonda – Broadalbin-Perth, New Visions Health

Gustav Lenz Automotive Excellency Award

Grace Horton – Fonda-Fultonville, Auto Technology

A number of students were also recognized for their achievements in the classroom:

Auto Body Repair:

Highest Average – Alexa Blowers, Fonda-Fultonville
Most Professional – Wyatt Frasier, Johnstown

Auto Technology:

Highest Average – Emma Hoffman, Wells
Best Attendance – Aiden Schulte, Canajoharie

Construction Technology:

Highest Average – Dylan Mendetta, Gloversville
Most Professional – Matthew Konakov, Gloversville


Highest Average – Kelsey Buley, Fort Plain
Highest Average – Kayla Spagnola, Amsterdam
Most Professional – Jasmine Fonda, Fort Plain
Most Professional – Kayla Spagnola, Amsterdam

Criminal Justice:

Highest Average – Heather Gulick, Fonda-Fultonville
Most Professional – Camdon Lovisa, Fonda-Fultonville

Culinary Arts:

Highest Average – Lauryn Donahue, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Michael Morales, Amsterdam

Cybersecurity & Computer Technology:

Highest Average – Ethan Waufle, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Gavin Quist, Broadalbin-Perth

Digital Multimedia:

Highest Average – Logan Aery, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Laurita Sampone, Amsterdam
Performance Award (Digital Award Overall) – Larsson Schiemer, Broadalbin-Perth
Performance Award (Creative) – Jozalynn Morrison, Gloversville
Performance Award (Dependability) – Rodney Jackson, Mayfield
Performance Award (Effort) – Matthew Paul, Fort Plain
Performance Award (Leadership) – Nilver Tomas, Fonda-Fultonville

Environmental Conservation:

Highest Average (Heavy Equipment) – Jake White, Fonda-Fultonville
Highest Average (Forestry) – Lucas Pavone, Broadalbin-Perth
Best Attendance (Heavy Equipment) – Jake White, Fonda-Fultonville
Best Attendance (Forestry) – Lucas Pavone, Broadalbin-Perth

Foundations of Food:

Highest Average – Radcliff Williams, Johnstown
Most Professional – Bryce Valleau, Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville
Culinary Creativity Award – Paige Phenes, Johnstown
Most Improved – Chassidy Wagoner, Gloversville
Most Improved – Adrianna Vertucci, Canajoharie

Medical Assisting:

Highest Average – Paige Fields, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Marissa Wilder, Fort Plain
Fulton County Health Award – Gretchen Forsey, Northville
Fulton County Health Award – Paige Fields, Broadalbin-Perth

New Visions Education:

Highest Average – Maegann McSpirit, Johnstown
Exceptional Academics, Attendance & Dedication – Lincoln Bowers, Mayfield
Most Improved – Felise Fowler, Amsterdam

New Visions Health:

Highest Average – Nimi Patel, Gloversville
Highest Average – Ashlynn Weaver, Johnstown
Most Professional – Allison Wakefield, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Isabella Cowan, Broadalbin-Perth
Fulton County Health Award – Ashlynn Weaver, Johnstown
Fulton County Health Award – Isabella Cowan, Broadalbin-Perth

Robotics and Engineering Technology:

Highest Average – Kole Dominique, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Kole Dominique, Broadalbin-Perth

Skilled Trades:

Highest Average – Derrig Geraghty, Johnstown
Most Professional – Derrig Geraghty, Johnstown

Veterinary and Animal Science:

Highest Average – Samara Hunt, Fonda-Fultonville
Highest Average – Brooke Taylor, Broadalbin-Perth
Most Professional – Abaigeal Curley, Mayfield
Most Professional – Madison Paro, Canajoharie
Most Improved – Keirstan Horender, Fort Plain

HFM CTE Honor Society

The 2024 inductees in the HFM Career and Technical Education Honor Society were also recognized during the event. The inductees are:


Heiden Bartlett, Amy Brittain, Mitchell Calhoun, Samarrah Dennis, Sophia DeRosa, Bethany Dresser, Vanessa Fonda, Felise Fowler, Jann Garcia Cruz, Amir Khalil, Madisyn Meca, Nicholas Phelps, Lucas Phetteplace, Laurita Sampone, Kailey Spagnola, Anyeli Suarez De Los Santos


Logan Aery, Matthew Boltash, Preston Candela, Tanner Christman, Isabella Cowan, Braden Dawson, Lauryn Donahue, Derek Goebel, Parker Green, Kelsea Hayes, Noah Himpsl, Jacob Osborn, Lucas Pavone, Shane Pohl, Gavin Quist, Mark Staie, Brooke Taylor, Railey Taylor, Sonny Vincent, Allison Wakefield, Ethan Waufle


Dylan Grainer, Jayden Johnson, Adam Leduc, Elena Leduc, Benjamin Mead, Gianna Memrick, Wyatt Mitchell, Kiana Peet, Aiden Schulte, Brady Toher, Adrianna Vertucci, Alexis Wadsworth


Grace Bell, Ryleigh Fonda, Emily Furnare, Heather Gulick, Regan Hesch, Devin Humphrey, Samara Hunt, Tomek Kowalczyk, Camdon Lovisa, Gabriella Martineau, Nilver Mazariegos-Tomas, Rachael McNeill, Jake White, Caroline Young, Peyton Webber

Fort Plain

Kelsey Buley, Jasmine Fonda, Ethan Hubbard, Matthew Paul, Delana Tracki


McKayla Blanchard, Micheal Carpenter, Angelica Dorman, Mackenzie Dorman, Mackenzie Ellis, Meghan Hughes, Matthew Konakov, Amira Lefflear, Brianne Marra, Savannah McLeod, Jozalynn Morrison, Nimi Patel, Jasseanneth Peru Mora, Jacquelyn Rattray, Preston Simons 


Cal Berry, Camryn Darling, Derrig Geraghty, William Hargrove, Ryan Hoyt, Jacob King, Trey Loucks, Maegann McSpirit, Alannah Sheckton, Kelsey Walker, Ashlynn Weaver, Radcliff Williams, Andrew Yuenger


Jack Battisti, Lincoln Bowers, Christopher DeAngelo, Zachary Ginter, Madalynn Hart, Rodney Jackson, Kristian Johnson, Robert Landers, Kiarah Levine, Zachary Olmstead, Chance Pettit, Jason Phillips, Arianna Ruberti, Christopher Rumrill


Liam Brooks, Gretchen Forsey, Alexa Poulin, John Sikorski, Adrianna Van Allen

Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville

Dylan Barnes, Damian Burk, Destiny Flanders, Tahirah Lettow, Tahliah Lettow, Lilyanna O’Callaghan, Blake Putnam


Emma Hoffman, Macy Orr, Kevyn Simmons

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