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HFM BOCES opens 2019-20 school year under new leadership

September 3, 2019 | Filed in Archive

HFM BOCES welcomed faculty and staff for the start of the 2019-20 school year during its annual Opening Day activities Tuesday, Sept. 3.

New District Superintendent Dr. David Ziskin, who officially began his duties with HFM on Aug. 5, welcomed the large crowd, which included employees from all of HFM’s divisions. HFM Board of Education President Joanne Freeman and Vice President Jean LaPorta were also in attendance.

HFM BOCES District Superintendent David Ziskin speaks during staff Opening Day Sept. 3.

HFM BOCES District Superintendent David Ziskin speaks during staff Opening Day Sept. 3.

Ziskin spoke about why he choose to pursue the job as district superintendent pointing to HFM’s mission statement, which reads:

“Through collaborative partnerships and innovative leadership, HFM BOCES creates educational opportunities that prepare individuals for lifelong success.”

“We have a special responsibility because our component school districts have entrusted us to provide the programs and services that they cannot provide alone,” Ziskin said. “If we deconstruct our mission statement, our purpose and approach become very clear – and to me that is inspiring.”

Ziskin said he looks forward to continuing to foster collaborative partnerships and innovative leadership so that children can have the opportunity to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

“It’s by leading and partnering with other educational agencies, industry, institutions of higher education and community-based agencies that we can truly have an impact on this entire region and provide the most critical opportunities for students whose needs might go unmet if it weren’t for our work here at the BOCES,” he said.

Following Ziskin’s remarks, employees engaged in required annual training sessions and welcomed new employees to the organization. Approximately 80 new employees were on hand for Opening Day including administrators and faculty and staff for Itinerant Services, Substitute Services, Adirondack Academy, Adult Education, Career and Technical Education, Special Education, three PTECH schools and the Regional Transportation Service.

Following the BOCES-wide general session, employees spent the late morning and afternoon in division staff meetings.

The first day of classes for BOCES programs is Wednesday, Sept. 4