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Ag PTECH students receive academic honors

December 9, 2019 | Filed in Archive

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Students who earned Honor Roll status by achieving an 85 average or better and those who had perfect attendance for the first quarter of the school year received certificates and were treated to make-your-own sundaes.

The students receiving recognition for Honor Roll status were:

  • Olivia Gwozdz
  • Makenzie Merendo
  • Alexis Henderson
  • Melanie Ramirez
  • Aleisa Caraballo
  • Blake Pope
  • Abigail Sanjurjo
  • Haley Clear
  • Loretta Newcomer
  • Theresa Romaine
  • Grace Yennard
  • Makayla Kersting
  • Bethany Dence-Duffek
  • Kaylee Finch
  • Alexandra Burns
  • Gavin Duesler
  • Corinne Subik
  • Olivia Michalski

Students who were recognized for perfect attendance for the first quarter were:

  • Caden Douglas
  • Jayden Sackett
  • Rhiannon Marrone
  • Kaylee Finch
  • Gavin Duesler
  • Kyra Hope
  • Theresa Romaine