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SLS Collaborative Teacher/Team of the Year Award

The teacher/team to be nominated for this award exhibits excellence in working collaboratively with the library media specialist to integrate information skills into the classroom curriculum and use the resources and services of the library media center to enhance student learning.

Excellence in collaborative teaching is exhibited when teachers:
  • Develop and implement collaborative projects or activities using the library media center.
  • Evaluate and refine projects during or after implementation to better meet the objectives of the library media specialist and classroom teacher.
  • Include the library media specialist in evaluation of student work.
  • Provide a formal or informal forum for student feedback on projects (availability and appropriateness of materials used).
  • Use and reinforce information skills in the classroom.
  • Vary projects for students with special needs.
  • Fit the project into the curriculum and make inter-curricular connections.
  • Assist with locating appropriate materials currently in the collection to be used in the project, as well as recommending new titles.