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Ken Smith SLS Regional Award

The person to be nominated for the Ken Smith SLS Regional Award exhibits leadership in recognizing that the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery School Library System is a central part of the total education program in the BOCES District, and has an active personal involvement in promoting that program.

Leadership is evidenced by:

Encouraging professional growth.

Recognizing that libraries are electronic doorways to the world.

Recognizing that the School Library System provides member schools with assistance and support as they reach outward.

Providing financial support that allows for innovation by the HFM SLS Office.

Demonstrating an interest in the well-being and professional lives of the personnel supported by HFM SLS.

Enjoying, whenever possible, the delights of libraries.

Because of the broad influence of HFM BOCES’ SLS, it is recognized that the nominee may come not only from HFM BOCES or other academic communities but might also be chosen from any walk of life, and should have had influence over a number of years. Moreover, due to the unique nature of the recipients of this award there may be years when it will not be awarded.

Past Winners of the Ken Smith SLS Regional Award


Grace Frederes


Deborah Booth, Director, HFM BOCES School Library System


Edie Willcox, Media Specialist, HFM BOCES School Library System


Sharon Marie Perrella, Media Specialist, Northville Central School District


Patricia Maderic, Assistant Superintendent, HFM BOCES


Eleanor Reppenhagen, SLS Assistant Director, HFM BOCES