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HFM BOCES School Library System Coordinated Cooperative Collection Development Plan


Coordinated cooperative collection development, as defined by the ALA’s A Guide to Coordinated and Cooperative Collection Development among Libraries, is “Cooperation, coordination or sharing in the development and management of collections by two or more libraries making an agreement for this purpose”. Collection development and management is “The process of acquiring materials, developing collections, managing the growth and maintenance of collections in a cost-and-user beneficial way. The functions of collection planning, analysis or evaluation, selection, effective procurement of materials, review of collections for preservation, storage, discard, and other functions designed to make library collection as useful and effective as possible, are included.”


To coordinate the collection development and the timely access of interlibrary loan materials of School Library System media centers expressly for improved and increased access to information.


Each member will:

  1. Continue to acquire a balanced collection of materials.
  2. Identify subject specializations for resource sharing.
  3. Continue to develop collections along the system-designated area(s) of specialization
  4. Submit cataloging information for new acquisitions and withdrawals to the Union Catalog database.
  5. Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of collection development decisions in individual participating libraries.


All participants in the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery School Library System are includeFunding for areas of specialization will come from local operating budgets, or other funding sources of the participant. When possible, supplemental funding grants through the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery School Library System will be available towards CCCD purchases.

Update December 2020