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Frequently Asked Questions about CTE

Who attends HFM Career & Technical Education (CTE)?

Juniors and Seniors from 11 Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery high schools who are interested in exploring a career and getting the opportunity for hands-on learning experiences and training during high school. We welcome students of all academic and experiential abilities to explore our program opportunities.

Can students earn a Regents diploma while attending CTE?

Yes, students attending CTE are eligible to earn the following: Advanced Regents diploma; Regents diploma; and Local diploma. Students attending CTE will earn 3.5 high school credits per year (7 credits total for 2 years).

Can students earn college credit while enrolled in a CTE program?

Yes, CTE has 45 articulation agreements with over 20 different colleges. Students may earn these college credits tuition-free, provided they successfully meet the established criteria and matriculate in the colleges with whom we have the agreements.

What are the qualifications for students to attend CTE?

Students should exhibit consistent school attendance and positive behavior at their home schools, while remaining in good academic standing. Some CTE programs may require additional application criteria. Please review with your home school counselor for details.

If students attend CTE, can they participate in activities at their home school?

Yes, students attending CTE are eligible to participate at their home school in extra-curricular activities, including athletics, clubs/organizations, and band/chorus.

What skills will students gain by attending CTE? How is CTE a benefit for students?

While each program provides unique opportunities for specific content, all pathways teach the skills necessary to be successful at any job. Each CTE student will learn communication skills, how to collaborate with others and work independently, gain leadership skills, and how to overcome obstacles in the workforce and in the classroom. Additionally, some programs provide the opportunity for students to become technically certified in their field.

What is the schedule for CTE?

Students are provided transportation from their home schools to CTE. The first year students (juniors) attend from 9-11:15 a.m.; second year students (seniors) attend from 12-2:15 p.m. Students complete their core credit requirements at their home schools. CTE offers core academic courses, as well as some integrated academics, for students experiencing scheduling conflicts in their home schools.

How do students enroll in CTE?

Each year, from November through January, CTE staff and current students visit the sophomore classes in each of the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery schools to share program information with the students. Following these presentations, CTE staff organizes visitations for each school to bring interested students to view and participate in programs at the Career and Technical Center. Students interested in attending CTE programs will meet with their home school counselors and complete the enrollment process by mid-March. Additional requests following this scheduling process will be handled on a first request basis.