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Mileage Claims Guidelines for Work-Related Mileage

Please use the mileage form posted on the HFM BOCES website. There are two versions: Excel, that will calculate for you or PDF that you manually calculate. Also, please use the form for the correct year, as mileage reimbursement amounts are typically changed by the IRS each year.

Most work mileages are listed on the HFM BOCES mileage chart posted on our website. If the mileage is not listed there, use to calculate your mileage. Select “directions”, select “options”, select “shortest distance” and input your start and end locations.

Please make sure your claim is complete. On each page of your claim, you are required to supply: your mailing address, budget code(s), appropriate location codes (as listed on the left side of the form), round trip (yes or no selected), purpose, your original signature as well as your supervisor(s) original signatures and dates (after the last date of service).

After completion, claims should be submitted monthly to Robin Rose at extension 6320.

Reimbursable Mileage:

  • Shared Decision Making Meetings (Committee is required by State)
  • Wellness (Committee is required by State)
  • CSE Meetings (Meetings on specific student cases)
  • Insurance Meetings (Union presidents should attend and be reimbursed)
  • Mentors (Required to travel 3 or 4 times during the year for training)
  • Any other “BOCES Required” committees
  • Itinerants travel between scheduled work locations.
  • Supervisor’s travel for oversight of employees at various locations.
  • Mileage outside employee’s regular work schedule , e.g. special requested meetings, but with documentation attached to the claim.
  • Special Staff meetings that are not on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Meetings that are required per employee’s job duties.

Documentation must be attached to the claim for any mileage outside the employee’s regular work schedule.

Examples are: Agenda, email from requester, email from supervisor requesting the employee’s presence, signin sheets, completed school business form.

Non-Reimbursable Mileage: (Part of Employee Professional Responsibility)

  • Opening & Closing Day
  • Open Houses
  • Hazcom/Right to Know
  • Informative Meetings (ex. Health Insurance)
  • Regularly scheduled faculty meetings
  • Union Meetings
  • Superintendent’s Conference Day

NOTE: When discrepancies are discovered in employee mileage claims, the Business Office is authorized to adjust the employee mileage claims up to (+/-) 10% of the original claim submitted.

Mileages for Conferences and Training: Employee must submit an approved Conference Request form and completed Conference Expense form.

If you have questions, please call or email: Robin Rose, Ext. 6320.