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Budget Book Introduction

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An Open Letter to the Partners of HFM BOCES

March 2021

On behalf of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services, I respectfully submit for your review the 2021-22 HFM BOCES Budget Book, which outlines our proposed budget for next year.

After much work developing our proposal, we present to you an administrative budget with a 3.6 percent increase from our current year.

We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to our discussion concerning the budget during our Annual Meeting at 6 p.m., Wednesday, April 14. Again, this year, our Annual Meeting will be held online via WebEx.
During the evening, I will present how our proposed budget was developed and how our component district chiefs worked with us during the process. Chief Financial Officer Kathi Lewis will also be present to address any questions you might have, as well.

By statute, each component board of education will vote on the administrative portion of the HFM BOCES budget on April 28. At that time, our component boards will also elect three members to the BOCES Board of Education.
Since the inception of the BOCES Reform Act in 1993, HFM BOCES has enjoyed unanimous support for its proposed administrative budget each year. We hope to maintain that significant trend as we work to be a valued partner, advocate and leader for our region.

If at any time, you have specific questions regarding the proposed budget please feel free to contact me or Chief Financial Officer Kathi Lewis at (518) 736-4310 or by e-mail at

In partnership,

David Ziskin
HFM District Superintendent