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HFM BOCES School Library System Council and Meeting Minutes March 8, 2018

PRESENT:  Kristi Beedon, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Deb Booth, Tariyka Chaulk, Dawn Frank, Flo Glasser, Mary Harrington, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Lore Mead, Christine Suhr, Eric Trahan, Mary VanPatten, Edie Willcox,

ABSENT: Cornelius Bradt, Sheila Crouse, Sharon Flichtbeil, Kathleen Gundrum, Megan Hallenbeck, Dylan Thomarie, Dan Towne, Peggy Trzaskos, Halley Zanconato

Guest Speaker: Eric Trahan

Public & School Libraries Working Together

Eric spoke about ways in which public and school libraries can work together for the benefit of our students. A handout was provided that gives several links to resources/programs provided by public libraries. Eric encouraged everyone to reach out to their public librarians to see how you can work together to provide more for your students.

Members were advised that all public libraries have kits to lend.

The MVLS website has book suggestions, reading logs and other items that may be of interest.

SALS has a daily delivery. An “Institutional Borrower” status is available.

The RB Digital website has full text articles available.

In addition to the Summer Reading highlighted, it was noted that they can work together on Battle of the Books.

It is possible to exhibit student art and music in the public libraries.

The Regional History collections would be great for grades 4 and 7!

He asked if anyone was interested in AP Classes.

Eric provided his contact information with an offer of extra help to anyone needing it.

All SLS Librarians were emailed copies of Eric’s handout.

Library Automation: Edie Willcox

We are slotted to do updates to Horizon over the summer.

St. Mary’s barcodes are currently being printed.  They will be fully automated soon!

SLS Awards Luncheon: Deb Booth

The Luncheon will be held on May 17, 2018

Nomination forms have been sent out. We are awaiting responses.

March Regional Workshop: Deb Booth

March 26, 2018 at WSWHE BOCES

Future Ready Libraries

If you were previously registered, you still are.  Please let your administrators know about the date change.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation so that those on the waiting list will be able to attend.

May Workshop: Edie Willcox

The workshop will be held on May 31st.

Barnes & Noble will present and demonstrate their products for makerspaces & book fairs.

There will be a makerspaces panel discussion

A session will be done by Tammy Jones and Tariyka Chaulk – Tammy Jones will be the presenter

Overview of upcoming materials through the IRC

Look for emails with requests for your participation

Movie Licensing: Deb Booth

Movie Licensing USA – Website with ideas and materials. This covers the ability to show movies in schools. The cost will be “aidable”. You can check on their website to see if a movie is covered. Movies are covered for “inside the building” use only.  NOT outside on the lawn.

Long-Range Planning Committee Report: Carla Bengle-Mackey

A motion was presented by Carla on behalf of the committee to approve the Long-Range Plan. The motion was seconded by Christine Suhr and unanimously approved.

Advocacy: Edie Willcox

All in attendance were asked to send a note to Governor Cuomo and one to their legislator. They were asked to highlight some of the following information:

The Governor’s budget proposes a +3% increase in education funding but cuts library aid by -4%.

Request that they treat library funding as part of the state’s education spending.

The planned 4% cuts to library funding puts us at year-2000 levels. Please don’t let that happen!

Library aid should be INCREASED, not CUT.


Continuing Education: Edie Willcox

Those in attendance were asked what they would like to see covered in a summer workshop. They were also asked if they would like to see half or full days for the workshop.

Topics suggested were 3-D printing and a Large NERIC Robot as well as small grant opportunities by district.

Half days was the preference of the majority in attendance.

It was suggested that the workshop be held the beginning of August.

Other Business: Karen Johnson

Canajoharie School is looking for a library and tech person for the 7-8 grades.

Mary VanPatten is stepping down from ENSLMA. She is looking for a replacement.

Lori Mead is retiring this year.

Upcoming Dates:

4 Systems Workshop, March 26, 2018
Council, April 26, 2018
SSL Conference, May 4-6, 2018
SLS Awards Luncheon, May 17, 2018


A motion to adjourn was made by Tammy Jones and seconded by Mary VanPatten.