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HFM BOCES School Library System Council and Communications Coordinators Meeting Minutes October 5, 2017

PRESENT:  Kristi Beedon, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Deb Booth, Cornelius Bradt, Tariyka Chaulk, Dawn Frank, Mary Harrington, Karen Johnson, Lore Mead, Christine Suhr, Dylan Thomarie, Dan Towne, Eric Trahan, Mary VanPatten, Edie Willcox, Halley Zanconato

ABSENT: Sheila Crouse, Sharon Flichtbeil, Flo Glasser, Kathleen Gundrum, Megan Hallenbeck, Tammy Jones, Dylan Thomarie, Peggy Trzaskos

Introductions:  Karen Johnson

Everyone introduced themselves.

Guest Speaker:  Edie Willcox

Edie Willcox – What’s New at the IRC?
Hundreds of Good Class Sets of Books
Robots Kits
Single Title Kits
Student Page for Soundzabound and Learn 360

Edie handed out a sheet with Links and passwords to the IRC Catalog for teachers and students, the HFM Union Catalog, TeachingBooks and Awesome Stories.

Library Automation Update:  Edie Willcox

Members were asked when they would prefer to have meetings to preview options for a new automation system later in the year.  A question was raised about the need to send out a Doodle Poll suggesting 2 different afternoons and 2 vendors during school hours.  It was suggested that a rubric was needed for attendees.

FMCC Update:  Dan Towne

Dan introduced himself as the Systems/Electronic Services Librarian at FMCC.  This is his first meeting as a member.  Dan informed the group that Mike Daly spent the morning of September 26th at PTECH/Jansen Ave. working with the first-year PTECH students as they navigated their new virtual library, explored the research process and brainstormed how to become expert problem solvers.

The Evans Library has successfully implemented the use of 60 Chromebooks that are divided into two mobile “classrooms”.  G Suite and the Enterprise Management System are being used to manage the units. This has resulted in reducing overcrowding issues in the Evans Library instruction classroom, increased the amount of time faculty and students have with purposeful technology and increased the size and frequency of more focused assessments of SUNY’s General Education Information Management competencies.  Dan said FMCC would be interested in hearing how any of our districts are using/deploying Chromebooks and see if there is anything that can be partnered on. He invited anyone interested to contact him.

Financial Literacy ALA/FINRA grant – Visits to 8 new high school partners were completed over the summer and Sept. /Oct.  Although the grant has sunset, the website ( will be maintained and college personnel will be available for programming and/or training.  Mary Donohue continued the Evans Library outreach to the communities served by the Mohawk Valley Library and the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery BOCES School Library Systems.  The schools visited were outlined.

A current partner (Gloversville High School) was also completed.  The visit was an opportunity to share $mart Money resources and information with library media specialists, consumer math/business teachers and public librarians.

OER (Open Education Resources) are being offered at FMCC.  There are now approximately 12 faculty members teaching approximately 22 courses with OERs. Another faculty member coming online in spring 2018 will be using OER. FMCC would be interested to hear about OER use in our districts and the possibility of coordinating a training program/professional development event. Dan invited anyone interested to contact him.

MVLS Update:  Eric Trahan

MVLS has hired a public relations person for better marketing.  They are collecting personal stories on their website now.  Those stories will be put on a video.

2017-2018 Budget:  Deb Booth

Some funds will be going towards helping to pay for SLMS participating in Cool Tools.

SLS Evaluation:  Edie Willcox

The top points from the 2016-17 SLS Evaluation were:

Communication regarding State Education is excellent!
There is a good exchange of ideas between SLMS.
ILL (Inter-Library Loans) are way up.
Database group purchases.Courier

Annual Report:  Deb Booth

The Annual Report was presented to the members.  There was a motion made by Carla Bengle-Mackey to approve the Annual Report as presented.  The motion was seconded by Lore Mead.  There was unanimous approval.

4 Systems Workshop:  Deb Booth

The 4 Systems Workshop will be held on November 30, 2017.  The guest speaker will be Shannon McClintock Miller.  Her presentation will explain what it means to be a Future Ready Librarian.  It will also answer: “How will being a Future Ready Librarian affect my library, school, teachers and especially my students and What can I do to become a Future Ready Librarian today?”  It will be held at the WSWHE BOCES.  A flyer will be going out regarding the workshop.

Everyone was also reminded of the HFM SLS/IRC workshop being held on October 25th: “Makerspaces Anyone?”  Everyone was encouraged to register and bring along a teacher.

E-books:  Edie Willcox

We have over 600 E-books!  You can look under “electronic resources” in Horizon to see the titles.

ICAD:  Dawn Frank

Last year the grants went to the middle and high schools.  The topic was Books to Read for Pleasure.  This year will be Elementary Schools.  Please email Deb, Edie, Dawn or Mary VanPatten with possible topics.

Other Business:  Karen Johnson

Barnes & Noble – Educators can get up to 20% discounts.  There is a day in October and December when you can get 25%.  Even if something is not on their website, Laura D’Orazio may be able to get the item for you.  Barnes & Noble has games too!  Information will be sent out on the Listserv.

ENYSLMA – Lois Lowry will be speaking on November 10th.

Scholarships for Conferences should be available next year.

SSL – Offers 13 to 14 scholarships for conferences.

Upcoming Dates:  Karen Johnson

Council: 12/13/17, 3/8/18, 4/26/18
Communication Coordinators: 3/8/18
Teen Read Week:  Oct. 8-14, 2017
NYLA (Saratoga Springs):  Nov. 8-11, 2017
4 System Workshop:   11/30/17
ICAD:  11/17/17
Media Literacy Week:  Nov. 6-10, 2017

A motion to adjourn was made by Lore Mead and seconded by Carla Bengle-Mackey.