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HFM BOCES School Library System Council and Communications Coordinators Meeting Minutes October 4, 2018

PRESENT:  Kristi Beedon, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Tariyka Chaulk, Dawn Frank, Shawnee Lynn Glover, Mary Harrington, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Stacy Silcock, Amber Smith, Christine Suhr, Eric Trahan, Halley Zanconato, Lori Youker

ABSENT: Deb Booth, Cornelius Bradt, Sarah Cordts, Sharon Flichtbeil, Flo Glasser, Kathleen Gundrum, Dylan Thomarie, Dan Towne, Peggy Trzaskos, Mary VanPatten

Introductions (Karen Johnson): Everyone introduced themselves.

Presentation – Movie Licensing (webinar) Tariyka Chaulk

A live webinar with representatives from Swank Movie Licensing USA was held. After briefly explaining that copyright laws necessitate having presentation rights, the representatives demonstrated how to use their website. The website address ( and the customer number was provided to the attendees. They stressed that the licenses that were purchased for all of the schools in the BOCES district were for unlimited indoor use only. Some of the website features highlighted were a section that highlights information on copyright compliance, a “kids in mind” area that gives an explanation for the movie rating, and a promotion section where bookmarks and posters can be downloaded and used for presentations being made. They then discussed how events can legally be promoted in compliance with the licenses purchased.

They also highlighted that the licenses cover any group using the school building. All were encouraged to download the faq pdf to familiarize themselves with the license.  It was also suggested that all use the search tool where they could find thematic ideas for films to use in their classes. The example used was finding movies to use for Earth Day.

It was also stressed that the licenses cover only copies obtained from legal sources, not pirate copies obtained on the corner.

All attendees were provided with the certificate for their building.

Reports: Library Automation Update (Tariyka Chaulk)

A Horizon update was installed over the summer.

The Horizon (orange) manual is now in an electronic version. It is a “living document” as it will be updated as people have questions.

St. Mary’s has completed barcoding all of their library collection.

Five of the new librarians have been trained to date.

The patron files were all received and uploaded the earliest ever.

All calendars in Horizon have been updated with the holidays and vacations.

All students have been graduated so that only current students will be found in the records.

Instead of using Web Reporter, you can now run overdue reports through Horizon. The only drawback is that they print only 1 to a page and they will include any overdues from previous years.  We are interested in your feedback if you use this feature.

CDLC Update (Karen Johnson)

There was no report to present. Eric did mention that Emily Wager has moved on to a new position and so there is a search on for a replacement.

FMCC Update (Prepared by Dan Towne) Presented by: Karen Johnson


Due to some lay-offs and retirements at the college; the library begins the 2018-2019 academic year with a reduced staff. Both Mike Daly, Public Services Librarian and Stephanie Price, Library Clerk are no longer with us at the Evans Library. We have been able to hire some additional part-time/adjunct help. Our new hires are listed below.

Added 2 part-time/adjunct librarians this semester. We now have 3 total.

Tariyka Chaulk – evenings
Heather Cunningham – days 9am – 1pm
Nicole Hemsley – evenings

Faculty/Staff Development Series:

This library series, in its third year, is designed to facilitate communication with and among faculty.  This year we plan on discussing “The College Fear Factor” by Rebecca D. Cox. This book “reveals how the traditional college culture can actually pose obstacles to students’ success” and “suggests strategies for effectively explaining academic expectations.”


Minor change to Friday hours. Closing at 4 pm (change from 4:30 pm)

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am – 9:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday: 4:00pm – 9:00pm

FM is always happy to partner with members of the BOCES SLS on any projects or initiatives that you might be undertaking and that you think my/our participation would be helpful. Contact information was provided.

MVLS Update (Eric Trahan)

A recent study that they have been conducting has found that 70% of people using the public libraries use the library in the community where they live.  The remaining 30% use a public library that is convenient.  Because of this, the public libraries are going to be more precise in the data they are collecting from patrons.

The Amsterdam and Johnstown public libraries are also beginning to implement a program being tried around the country of not imposing fines for overdue books.  This currently applies only to children’s material.

2018-2019 Budget (Tariyka Chaulk)

Budget numbers were presented by category.  It was noted that the total funds available represent a 1% increase over the past year.  There were funds that were rolled over from last year that will be going towards helping to pay for NoodleTools, TeachingBooks, the SLS Workshops for the year and to pay for SLMS choosing to participate in Cool Tools.

SLS Evaluation (Tariyka Chaulk)

Several points from the 2017-18 SLS Evaluation were presented.

Most were positive regarding the communication between the School Library System and the district librarians. The services provided through the School Library System were well received. The services most highly valued were the group database purchases, the courier service, professional development, interlibrary loans and the IRC.

Areas needing improvement are that the staff in the schools do not seem to be aware of the services we provide. We will be trying to counteract that by making more visits in the schools and training staff how we can be of assistance. If you would like us to come to your school soon, please contact us so it can be scheduled.

Because of the availability of on-line databases, the relevance of the cooperative collection plan needs to be examined again. Some are not aware that the plan exists.

4 Systems Workshop (Tariyka Chaulk)

The next 4 Systems Workshop will be held on November 28 at Capital Region BOCES. The workshop will be Reading in the Wild presented by Donalyn Miller.  A flyer will be going out soon.

There was some discussion regarding the need to register as quickly as possible because of limited space. The question was raised regarding being able to invite a teacher to also attend.

October Workshop (Tariyka Chaulk)

Everyone was reminded of the HFM SLS/IRC workshop being held on October 24th: “Makerspaces Anyone?” Everyone was encouraged to register and bring along a teacher.

There will be a makerspace panel, a presentation regarding Breakout EDU and In the afternoon, Laura D’Orazio from Barnes and Noble will have a presentation of many different types of makerspace items and will give all an opportunity to enroll in their educator program that provides a discount.

New Makerspace Resources (Tariyka Chaulk)

Breakout EDU – We now have 3 large totes with 6 kits in each.  We have purchased the platform necessary to use them as well.

Origami – There are kits available that will have paper and how to books.

Digital Cameras – The kits each have 6 cameras, 8gb SD cards and the cords to download to the computer and charge the cameras along with cases for each camera.

The LEGO kits now have people and extra boards.

There are also professional kits with resource books regarding how to create a makerspace and suggestions for what can be included.

All items will be available after the October 24th workshop.

Committee Reports

ICAD (Dawn Frank)

Last year, the elementary schools were given money to purchase books that support STEAM with an emphasis on Maker Education.  The ICAD Committee is looking for high school minigrant ideas this year. Do you have any suggestions? Please contact Dawn, Deb or Tariyka with your ideas.

The Committee is also looking for an elementary, middle or K-12 person to fill a vacancy. We usually meet one morning in November for breakfast (8:00-9:30). On the rare occasion, a second meeting is required. Is anyone interested in volunteering?  Please contact Dawn, Deb or Tariyka.

Advocacy (Tariyka Chaulk)

Everyone in attendance wrote thank you notes to their Representative in Congress regarding the passage of the FY2019 Labor-HHS-Education funding bill that will preserve invaluable resources provided by school libraries across the country.

School libraries provide services that make a tangible difference every day in the lives of students and their families.

The representatives were thanked for recognizing the many contributions libraries make to our communities every day.  Support of the bill is particularly meaningful in a time of limited federal resources.

Administrative Representative for Council (Tariyka Chaulk)

It has been suggested that someone involved in setting curriculum in the schools be invited for this position. That would allow them to know what’s going on in the School Library System/IRC and help them to speak for us regarding how we can assist in the curriculum.

If you know someone who would be a good fit, please contact Deb or Tariyka.

Other Business (Karen Johnson)

Blog/Website – Please send stories and pictures to Tariyka so she can add them.

Upcoming Dates (Karen Johnson)

Council: 12/11/18, 3/07/19, 04/17/19

Communication Coordinators: 3/7/19

Teen Read Week:  Oct. 7-13, 2018

NYLA (Rochester)  Nov. 7-10, 2018

4 System Workshop  Nov 28, 2018

ICAD November 9, 2018

Media Literacy Week:  Nov. 5-9, 2018

HFM SLS Workshop  October 24, 2018

A motion to adjourn was made by Carla Bengle-Mackey and seconded by Tammy Jones.