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HFM BOCES School Library System Council and Communications Coordinators Meeting Minutes March 7, 2019

Click here to download printer-friendly March 7, 2019 minutes

PRESENT:  Kristi Beedon, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Deb Booth, Cornelius Bradt, Tariyka Chaulk, Dawn Frank, Kathy Gundrum, Mary Harrington, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Stacy Silcock, Amber Smith, Christine Suhr, Eric Trahan, Halley Zanconato

ABSENT:  Sarah Cordts, Sheila Crouse, Sharon Flichtbeil, Flo Glasser, Dan Towne, Peggy Trzaskos, Mary VanPatten

Introductions (Karen Johnson)

Guest Speaker (Tariyka Chaulk)

Kym Davick ( gave a webinar. Webinar link will be sent out when it becomes available.

CDLC Update (Kathy Gundrum)

  • Held first HS to College transition group meeting.
    • 25 participants
    • Most from Albany area
    • Information can be found here:
    • In talks with Questar and WSWHE to have something similar in our region
    • Details to follow
  • Also working on a group to discuss students with special needs and helping them succeed in their transition to college
  • CDLC also offers Resource sharing
    • NYS Historic Newspapers
    • NY Heritage
  • Collecting Oral Histories
    • Providing a workshop for anyone who is interested in an oral history project

FMCC Update (Dan Towne)

  • I’m looking forward to having some of the SLS librarians shadow me this semester during information literacy classes. I’d like to explore the possibility of shadowing 1 or 2 of the high school librarians during similar activities. I think a better understanding of where each of our student populations is at and how we can potentially partner to serve all the students in that late high school/early college age group could result. It should at the very least lead to some interesting conversations/discussion about library services to that population.
  • Our daytime adjunct librarian has left as of March 1st. She got a full-time position at Albany Public Library. We will not be replacing her for the remainder of the semester. So, things will be a little bit busier around here until mid-May.
  • Mary Donohue is retiring in the summer of 2020. Another big change here at FM. Preliminary discussions are starting about the future of library services, spaces, and staffing. I’ll have more to report on this as the months roll on to May 2020.

MVLS Update (Eric Trahan)

  • Public libraries will play a huge role in the completion of the 2020 census which will be online this year.
    • Expecting this to cause a staffing challenge
  • Many local libraries are starting to do away with fines for children
    • Johnstown public library is going completely fine free and wiping all users accounts clea
  • MVLS has a YouTube channel

Library Automation (Tariyka Chaulk)

  • BLUEcloud
    • Pilots
      • Carla at GHS
      • Cornelius at SMI
    • Testing at March workshop
    • Looking into an upgrade to OPAC and WebReporter
    • Tariyka will be sending a survey on Horizon and WebReporter
    • Questions, Comments, Concerns, please forward them

SLS Awards Luncheon (Deb Booth)

The luncheon is to be held on 5/22/19.  The deadline for submitting nominations is March 15.

March Workshop (Tariyka Chaulk)

The workshop is to be held on 3/24/19.

Topics include

  • Sharing resources for literature and technology trends
    • Forward resources to Tariyka
  • Facilitating collaboration w/ Karen Johnson
  • BLUEcloud introduction w/ Tariyka Chaulk
  • Video editing w/ Tammy Jones and students
    • If you have a MacBook or iPad, please bring it with you.

Summer Book Group (Tariyka Chaulk)

  • Reading the Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller
  • Discussion via Google classroom
  • Half day AM workshop on 7/23/2019
    • 1-hour video conference w/ Donalyn
    • Followed by planning time and discussion

ICAD (Dawn Frank)

All books have been received and forwarded to the schools except for one order.  The Canajoharie Middle School order is waiting on one book.

Long Range Planning (Carla Bengle-Mackey)

Copies of the Long Range Plan were distributed for everyone to review.

A motion to accept the plan as presented was made by Halley Zanconato and seconded by Carla Bengle-Mackey
Unanimous yes

Advocacy (Tariyka Chaulk)

Letters were written to Governor Cuomo requesting an increase in library funding. The current budget proposal sets library aid at $91.6M.  This is a 5% decrease from last year’s budget.

Continuing Education (Tariyka Chaulk)

Summer workshop – OER with Mike Daly from SUNY OER Services.

Fall workshop – Bootcamp/Orientation for new library staff and librarians

Other Business (Karen Johnson)

  • Retirements
    • Deb Booth, SLS Director and Mary Harrington Librarian at Northville Central School
    • Mary’s job is posted on OLAS
      • Librarian at Northville – Post on OLAS

Upcoming Dates (Karen Johnson)

SLS Workshop: 3/27/19

Council: 4/17/19

Section of School Librarians (Syracuse):  5/30 – 6/1

Awards Luncheon:  5/22


Motion to adjourn made by Tammy Jones  and seconded by  Halley Zanconato