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HFM BOCES School Library System Council and Communications Coordinators Meeting Minutes April 17, 2019

Click here to download printer-friendly April 17, 2019 minutes

Present: Kristi Beedon, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Deb Booth, Tariyka Chaulk, Sarah Cordts, Kathy Gundrum, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Christine Suhr, Eric Trahan, Halley Zanconato

Absent: Cornelius Bradt, Dan Towne

CDLC (Kathy Gundrum)

More information:

FMCC Update (Dan Towne)

No report

Public Library Update (Eric Trahan)

  • Area libraries are working on being fine free:
    • Northville and Amsterdam soon to be fine free for children’s materials
    • Johnstown soon to be fine free for everyone
  • Don’t forget about the public library summer reading program.
    • Check with your local library for more information on programming and activities

If your local library is having a budget vote, don’t forget to vote!

Library Automation (Tariyka Chaulk)

  • Tariyka and Deb attended the EMTA (Education Media and Technology Association) conference. Saw some new and interesting circulation systems that we’ll be looking into.

SLS Awards Luncheon (Tariyka Chaulk)

  • May 22, 2019 @ 12:15
  • Invitations sent out yesterday (4/16) and today (4/17).
  • Please RSVP by May 8th.
  • Two administrators to receive awards
    • Liz Hanan – Principal @ Lynch
    • Bob Kraemer – Principal @ Knox Jr. High

Please make a special effort to attend.  They are excellent recipients and it will be an excellent meal.

2019-2020 Budget (Deb Booth)

  • The numbers have not been finalized yet.Action
    Motion to “allow Deb to build a budget: Carla Bengle-Mackey
    Motion seconded by: Tammy Jones
    There was a unanimous approval.

Council Terms (Karen Johnson)

  • Council
    • Amber Smith (FFS) to replace Tammy Jones (CHS). Term ending 2022.
    • Mary VanPatten (FPH) to replace Karen Johnson (OESJ). Term ending 2022.
    • Christine Suhr (WCS) term renewed to 2022.
    • Karen Johnson’s term as Council chair has ended.
      • New chair needs to be selected
  • Communication Coordinator

Terri Brown (AWB/AWT) to replace Sharon Flichtbeil.

Motion to approve new officers: Halley Zanconato
Motion seconded by: Carla Bengle-Mackey
There was a unanimous approval.

Motion to nominate Christine Suhr as Council chair by: Carla Bengle-Mackey.
Motion seconded by: Tammy Jones
There was a unanimous approval.

Advocacy (Tariyka Chaulk)

Governor Cuomo proposed a $5m cut in Library Aid in this year’s budget.  The FY2019-20 enacted budget reversed this proposed cut setting total State Library Aid will be $96.6M.

  • Members wrote thank you notes to their NYS Senators and Assemblypersons for passing this aid in the budget and for fighting on behalf of the library community.

Requests were made for continued support and funding.

Continuing Education (Tariyka Chaulk)

  • Donalyn Miller workshop on July 23.
    • Book Study/Group
      • Book reading on own time.
      • Participation in discussions using Google Classroom.
    • ½ day morning workshop
      • Discussion, webinar, and planning time.
  • OER workshop with Mike Daly (SUNY OER)
    • Sometime in August

New Library Staff Orientation/Bootcamp – Fall

Other Business

  • New IRC Materials
    • Lighting Kits
    • Camera Tripods
    • ESL Books and Kits
    • Digital Audiobooks

Search for new SLS director open.

Upcoming Dates (Karen Johnson)

  • SSL Conference:  May 30 – June 1
  • Awards Luncheon: May 22, 2019
  • Council (C): Oct. 3, Dec. 12, March 5, 2020, April 29

Communication Coordinators (CC) Meetings: Oct. 3, March 5, 2020


Motion to adjourn: Tariyka Chaulk

Motion seconded by: Sarah Cordts