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HFM Library System Meeting Minutes

HFM BOCES School Library System
Council and Communication Coordinators Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2017

Click here to download minutes in PDF form


Carla Bengle-Mackey, Deb Booth, Julie Carroll, JoMarie DiTata, Dawn Frank, Kathleen Gundrum, Megan Hallenbeck, Mary Harrington, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Audrey Maldonado, Lore Mead, Karen Pelletier, Christine Suhr, Dan Towne, Eric Trahan, Edie Willcox


Cornelius Bradt, Kathryn Bradt, Tariyka Chaulk, Sheila Crouse, Flo Glasser


Members introduced themselves by going around the table.

Guest Speakers – Julie Carroll and Dylan Thomarie

Julie Carroll – NYS Science Learning Standards P-12


There is a five year roll out plan.
The goal for this year is to disseminate information and look at the standards.  The Professional Development Department is looking for people to do this.  (Teachers & SLMS)
The main thrust is to use a hands-on approach using student inquiry and 3D reporting.
This is in answer to students coming out of school unable to answer questions and think through to solutions.
Incorporates other curriculum areas like math and ELA
To find good examples of “phenomena” you can Google “NGSS Phenomena”
Designing a Roll out is the next step
Assessment is still very far out – 4 to 5 years.
Science units will be called storylines.
It will be very helpful to include in school science teams district personnel at a higher level.   HS teachers are more comfortable with the content at this point.
Dylan Thomarie – Johnstown Literacy Initiative Part Three, incorporating:

2014-15 “Open Responses”
2015-16 “Close Reading”
2016-17 “Presentations”
This year there was a little step back due to necessary additional remedial work with “open responses.”
Open Response is now implemented K-12 .  Johnstown Knox Jr. High is the best at it.
Next year “presentations” work will be repeated.  Students need more practice.  Next year will be the first complete cycle of students starting in grade 9 going through to graduation.  The hope is for higher graduation rates.
Anyone needing/wanting more information,  please contact Dylan at the Johnstown High School.

There will be a link to follow for quick access to standards.

Julie will send a video link.

CDLC Update – Kathleen Gundrum

Grants are available for digitizing catalogs and automation.

They will be giving an overview of their services on our Workshop Day (March 28th)

There is a new CaDiLaC format now in use.  (e-form at ILL webpage)

Members are welcome at any CDLC workshops.  Contact to register.

FMCC Update – Dan Towne

They are looking at how they do things to see if their services are appropriate.

ILL-They will start using World Share rather than ILLiad.

Easy Bib is going away in 2018 so they are looking at other programs.

April is Information Literacy Month.  Mary Donahue will be looking for partners in school districts to work with.

MVLS Update – Eric Trahan

Those wanting to work with miSci should contact their public library to partner with them.

April 6 & 7 Valerie Gross from Upper Hudson Library System will present Libraries = Education: A New Way of Thinking at the Schenectady County Public Library-Central Branch at 9AM.

Library Automation – Edie Willcox

We are beginning to look at vendors this year.

We will have demonstrations for SLMS next year.

Implementation will be in the summer of 2018 if we decide to change systems.

*No vendor change will result in being able to do your own cataloging.  That results in a terribly sloppy catalog.  There could be 40+ entries for a single title!

SLS Awards Luncheon – Deb Booth

May 24, 2017

We are still accepting nominations for awards.  You can use the Superintendent’s Conference Day (March 15th) to write them.

March Workshop – Deb Booth

March 28, 2017

All are urged to attend!

All were reminded that every library is required by NYS to complete a Member Plan.

Helpful instruction sheets will be sent out tomorrow.

ICAD Committee Report

All books have been sent out except for one partial shipment that is still outstanding.

Long Range Planning Committee Report – Deb Booth

The plan was updated.  All present received a copy.

The vote to accept the Long Range Plan was unanimous.

Advocacy – Edie Willcox

Notecards were written to legislators to restore/add to the library budget, especially since Governor Cuomo is planning to cut it.

New York State Education Law requires Library Aid for FY 2017-2018 to be $102.6M.  Total state funding in the FY 2016-17 enacted budget was $95.6M placing library aid at 2006 funding levels.

Continuing Education

Possibilities?  Polly; Learn 360 with interactives, Inquiry, Teaching Books.

Is it wanted that we do an update workshop (like Teaching books or Learn 360)? Other choices are specific makerspaces,  Spheros, Ozobots, NERIC for Robots, Ancestry with Tammy Jones as presenter.

Deb will put out a survey.

Other Business

Fonda-Fultonville: Does anyone have Library Club ideas for Lore?  She’d like to give it a different name.

Battle of the Books was held this week.  Johnstown Knox Jr. High and Fort Plain High are going on to Albany!

Upcoming Dates

SSL Conference: * Make * Learn * Inspire *

May 4 -6, 2017 Buffalo

4 Systems Workshop: May 17, 2017 – Librarians as Leaders

SLS Summer Workshop: TBD

Council (C) and Communication Coordinators (CC) Meetings:

April 27, 2017 at Union Hall

Awards Luncheon: May 24, 2017


The meeting was adjourned.