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HFM BOCES School Library System Meeting Minutes

HFM BOCES School Library System
Council Meeting Minutes
December 14, 2016

Click here to download minutes in PDF format


Deb Booth, Cornelius Bradt, Tariyka Chaulk, Mike Daly, JoMarie DiTata, Kathy Gundrum, Megan Hallenbeck, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Christine Suhr, Dylan Thomarie, Eric Trahan, Edie Willcox


Flo Glasser

Library Automation Update – Edie Willcox

The last borrower of a book will now display for 60 days.  This will be good for books that are damaged but not noticed at check-in.

We have been working with Tammy Jones to set up amalgamated searching through NoveList Plus.  I believe we are at the very last detail- finally.

CDLC Update – Kathy Gundrum

You can use the e-ill form and request items directly.

They have added miscellaneous materials for use.

The NY Heritage collections have been updated and expanded.

Professional Development – ILL/CDLC Training is available for those who are interested.

FMCC Update – Mike Daly

They just finished orientation including library materials/services.

Financial Literacy courses are available.  Contact Mary Donohue.

They are using (Iasha pdf) to hunt down materials like articles.

MVLS Update – Eric Trahan

They are concentrating on outreach to share/expand services and delivery.

All students can get a public library card!  They are good for audiobooks!

December Workshop – Edie Willcox

December 9th was the 4 system workshop – Text Sets

The workshop was very well received!  We worked through one guided set, depending on the grade(s) covered – from the student’s point of view and then we had additional time to develop our own to be shared.

Common comments:

  • It’s better to require a classroom teacher to attend with the librarian.
  • Excellent to have it done from the student perspective.
  • It is a good collaboration tool and conversation starter.
  • Please do another (part 2)

ICAD – Karen Johnson

Middle and high schools were given $150 to purchase fiction/nonfiction to encourage reading for pleasure.  The SLS is entering the purchase orders now.

Advocacy – Edie Willcox

Appeals were written to Governor Cuomo to increase library aid to State Ed required levels.

“Libraries are a core component of our state’s educational infrastructure.

New York State Education Law requires Library Aid for FY 2017-2018 to be $102.6M.  Total state funding in the FY2016-17 enacted budget was $95.6M, placing library aid at 2006 funding levels.

Please help to bring us up to date!”

Continuing Education – Deb Booth

Would all Certified Library Media Specialists like a local Professional Development Day (March) to include a Member Plan explanation and time to fill it out (1/2 day)? YES!

Other topics for the remaining 1/2 day:

  • CDLC services and materials
  • Can opt for 1/2 day attendance for the Member Plan only

Other Business – JoMarie DiTata

None to report

Upcoming Dates  – JoMarie DiTata

Member Plan Committee – TBA – January

Advisory Council/ Communication Coordinators – March 9, 2017

Long Range Planning Committee – January 20, 2017


Motion to adjourn made by Eric Trahan and seconded by Megan Hallenbeck.