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HFM Library System Meeting Minutes

HFM BOCES School Library System
Council Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2017

Click here to download the minutes in PDF format


Deb Booth, JoMarie DiTata, Flo Glasser, Megan Hallenbeck, Karen Johnson, Tammy Jones, Christine Suhr, Dan Towne, Eric Trahan, Edie Willcox


Cornelius Bradt, Tariyka Chaulk, Kathy Gundrum

FMCC Update – Dan Towne

Thanked all for being so welcoming and willing to share.

Public Library Update – Eric Trahan

MVLS is hiring a full-time Communications Coordinator.

Many public libraries are having votes to become school district public libraries.

MVLS is refocusing to provide better Public Relations that are more meaningful.  They will be using their Annual Report information to gather up good points.

Library Automation – Edie Willcox

Gloversville’s Meco and McNab elementary schools and Edinburg are coming off the Horizon System.  Edinburg’s existing items will remain in the catalog.

SLS Awards Luncheon – Deb Booth

We have 6 teachers and 1 administrator who will be honored.  Deb gave a reminder for all to attend.  We would like to see lots of SLMS supporting the awards luncheon!

2016-2017 Budget – Deb Booth

We will have the same amount next year as this year due to funds being restored.  Megan Hallenbeck made a motion to let Deb Booth create the budget when we receive the official amounts from the state.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Council Terms – JoMarie DiTata

JoMarie DiTata’s term on Council will end on June 30th.  Kristi Beedon will be the next representative for Amsterdam.

Megan Hallenbeck’s term on Council will end on June 30th.  Carla Bengle-Mackey will be the next representative for Gloversville.

Michael Daly’s term on Council will end on June 30th.  Dan Towne will be the next representative for FMCC.

Eric Trahan will stay on for a second term representing public libraries, as his first term ends June 30th.

As Carla Bengle-Mackey will now be the Council member for Gloversville, Megan Hallenbeck will replace her as Communication Coordinator.

A motion was made by Tammy Jones to accept the slate of changes and seconded by Christine Suhr.  The motion was unanimously approved.

A motion was made by Christine Suhr to nominate Karen Johnson as the new Chair.  It was seconded by Flo Glasser and unanimously approved.

Makerspaces Resources – Edie Willcox

For September we will have 3 classroom kits each of Ozobots, Spheros and Edison robots.  Also 3 kits of 10,000 Legos.  Summer workshops will be held for SLMS and teachers on how to use them all.

Do you want two half day sessions or maybe two full days? Please let us know.

Other makerspace items were considered for kits but they were/would be full of small items which would require too much upkeep and expenses at this point.  We will continue to look at/for possibilities.

Advocacy – Edie Willcox

Legislators were thanked for not cutting library funding in the budget.

State Library Aid:  $95.627M total.  ($4M added to Governor’s proposed budget.)  This allocation reverses the Governor’s proposed funding cut of $4M, and represents continued stable funding for library aid.

Continuing Education – Edie Willcox

We are finalizing summer plans for the week of August 7th.

We are looking at two half-day sessions each for Dylan and Tammy’s makerspace/robots.  The members were asked if they’d like an additional workshop day with Learn 360 interactives and Teaching Books webinar in July?  The response was yes.

Our regional workshop has been set for November 30th at Cap Region BOCES for a full day.  This is the same presenter & topic: “Future Ready Libraries” as the SSL Conference ONLY OURS IS FREE!  I’d like to see all of our SLMS there.

Upcoming Dates – JoMarie DiTata

SSL Conference:  May 4-6 in Buffalo

Council (C) Meetings: October 5, December 13, March 8 and April 26

Communication Coordinators (CC) Meetings: October 5 and March 8

Awards Luncheon: May 12, 2017

The meeting was adjourned.