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SLS Committees


The HFM BOCES School Library System Council works with the SLS Director to recommend policy, do long-range and short-range planning and evaluate the system’s services.

HFM BOCES School Library System Council for 2023-2024:

Laura Campagna, Amsterdam
Sarah Cordts, Broadalbin-Perth
Lauren Goldman, Canajoharie
Eric Trahan, MVLS
Dan Towne, FMCC
Carla Bengle-Mackey, Gloversville
Terri Brown, Northville
Susan D’Entremont, CDLC
Crystal Keck, Johnstown
Amber Smith, Council Chair, Fonda-Fultonville
Christine Suhr, Wells

Communication Coordinators

Communication Coordinators provide two-way communication between the member libraries and the HFM BOCES School Library System.

Committee Members:

Amsterdam, Karen Pelletier
Broadalbin-Perth, Sarah Cordts
Canajoharie, Lauren Goldman
Edinburg, Wendy Ferguson
Fonda-Fultonville, Amber Smith
Fort Plain, Tariyka Chaulk
Gloversville, Bobbie Lindsay
Johnstown, Crystal Keck
Lake Pleasant, Dana Ordway
Mayfield, Unknown
Northville, Terri Brown
OESJ , Stacy Wesley
Wells, Christine Suhr
Wheelerville, Anik Gibeau
St. Mary’s Institute, TBD

Interlibrary Coordination & Development (ICAD) Committee

Committee Members:

Kristi Beedon
Sarah Cordts, Broadalbin-Perth
Lauren Goldman, Canajoharie
Bobbie Lindsay, Gloversville
Carla Bengle-Mackey, Gloversville
Karen Pelletier, Amsterdam
Christine Suhr, Wells

Coordinated Collection Development Committee Mission Statement:

To coordinate the collection development and the timely access of interlibrary loan materials of School Library System media centers expressly for improved and increased access to information.

System library members will:

1. Continue to acquire a balanced collection of materials
2. Identify subject specializations for resource sharing.
3. Continue to develop collections along the system-designated area(s) of specialization
4. Submit cataloging information for new acquisitions and withdrawals to the Union Catalog database.
5. Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of collection development decisions in individual participating libraries
6. Updated and approved by the HFM SLS Advisory Council, December 2020.

Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee provides the BOCES Hamilton-Fulton and Montgomery School Library System Director with a framework for the future by maintaining a standing committee:

  • To develop and annually update the Plans of Service for the SLS
  • To explore objectives for the future
  • To propose recommendations for a course of action to the School Library System.
Committee Members:
  • Sarah Cordts – Broadalbin-Perth
  • Bobbie Lindsay – Gloversville
  • Carla Bengle-Mackey – Gloversville High School
  • Eric Trahan – Mohawk Valley Library System
  • Kristi Beedon – Administrative Coordinator School Library System HFM BOCES
  • Dan Towne – FMCC
  • Christine Suhr – Wells Central School
  • Terri Brown – Northville Central School

Member Plan Committee  

The purpose of this Member Plan is to serve as a self-assessment tool for library services within a school district and/or building.

  • Helps to illustrate how the library media program meets the needs of teachers and students in your school
  • Stimulate self-assessment and long-range planning for your school library program
  • Includes information in the following categories: resources, communication, services, and staffing
  • Includes NYS Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Required by the Commissioner’s Regulations [C.R. 90.18 (f) (4)]
Committee Members:
  • Kristi Beedon- Administrative Coordinator School Library System HFM BOCES
  • Carla- Bengle Mackey- Gloversville High School
  • Laura Campagna- Marie Curie and R.J. Mcnulty, Amsterdam
  • Amber Smith- Fonda-Fultonville Central School