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Frequently Asked Questions About Adirondack Academy

Adirondack Academy logoQ What is Adirondack Academy?

A: Adirondack Academy was specifically designed to help students who have encountered obstacles in the regular school setting. ADK’s alternative education emphasizes small class sizes and close relationships with teachers, staff and administrators in order to build a sense of community.

Q: What students will benefit from the alternative learning setting at Adirondack Academy?

A: Adirondack Academy provides a fresh start for those looking for an opportunity to grow academically and socially. Students who attend ADK have struggled to find success in the traditional school setting for various reasons. Some students struggle with anxiety, some with depression, some with regulating their emotions. Some students may simply need to catch up on academic credits. Adirondack Academy provides an alternative setting to help these students develop the tools/skills they need to achieve their ultimate goal of earning a high school diploma.

Q: Besides small class size and community building, how is Adirondack Academy different from the traditional school setting?

A: ADK’s staff of counseling professionals, teachers, and administrators work closely with the families and outside agencies associated with our students in order to determine the underlying causes of our students’ challenges. Once these causes are identified, the team utilizes behavior plans, counseling sessions, and/or additional outside services to help set our students on the path toward graduation.

Q: How are individualized plans developed?

A: The counselors and teachers at ADK work together to identify areas in which students struggle. Academic, behavioral, and/or attendance plans are discussed and implemented with students and parents in order to coordinate efforts.

Q: Once a student is accepted at ADK, how long do they remain at ADK?

A: The goal of ADK is to ready students for return to their home district. However, many students realize that they appreciate the community atmosphere at ADK and choose to stay through graduation.

Q: What kind of diploma do students earn at ADK?

A: ADK students earn the same diploma as any student in New York State. They must earn a minimum of 22 credits and pass five
regents exams in order to graduate.

Q: Can students participate in sports or other extracurricular activities while attending ADK?

A: Yes. ADK students can participate in sports and extracurricular activities at their home schools as long as they meet academic and code of conduct expectations.

Q: What supportive programs are provided at ADK?

A: An intensive PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) system is utilized at ADK. The system tracks behavior, academic and social data in order to help students develop skills to support their success. Within this system, students can earn daily rewards and weekly or quarterly rewards. Staff at Adirondack Academy attempt to accentuate the positive behaviors and help students realize the potential they each possess.