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HFM BOCES 2021-22 COVID protocols

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HFM BOCES Employee Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage for HFM BOCES employees is available through Empire BlueCross Blue Access Plan, Group #: 300472. Dental insurance is available through Delta Dental PPO, Group #: 20066. A variety of digital health services are also available through United Concierge Medicine (UCM Digital Health).

BENEFITS VIDEO: June 2021 HFM Benefits Informational Meeting
Health Insurance and Prescription Coverage
Dental Insurance
United Concierge Medicine (UCM Digital Health)

Health Insurance and Prescription Coverage

Key Numbers and websites

Empire BlueCross Telephone – 1-844-682-6553

24/7 IngenioRx Telephone Line – 833-270-6383

Your Health Plan ID card

When you sign up for an Empire plan, we’ll send you an ID card in the mail. Use this card whenever you go to the doctor so that they can look up your insurance information. If you lose your card, you can always request a new one and print out a temporary ID card online.

Or download our app, Sydney Health from the App Store or Google Play to use your mobile ID card. It works just like the one you get in the mail.


What is Pre approval or prior authorization?

Preapproval (also known as precertification, prior authorization or preauthorization) is the process used to confirm if a proposed service/procedure is medically necessary. Please contact customer service for additional information.

The customer service number is listed on the back of your ID card.

How can I find a Blue Access network doctor, clinic or hospital?

Go to:

  • Scroll down to Search using your Alpha Prefix (either KIH for EPO or CFT for PPO) and choose Continue.
  • Select the best answers from each drop-down menu and hit Continue
  • Your search results will appear.

You could also contact customer service for additional assistance.


Ingenio Rx handles your pharmacy benefits. You will need to inform your retail pharmacy of the change and update your payment details through our website for mail order medications. Physicians should send new mail order scripts to Ingenio Rx at least two weeks prior to the needed refill.

What pharmacies participate in the network.

You have access to our national pharmacy network which includes nearly 70,000 retail pharmacies across the country.  The list of participating pharmacies can be found at:

How do I find what medications are covered under the plan?

Medicines that are on the National Drug List 3-Tier, including brand-name and generic drugs covered by your benefits.  This list can be found at:

  • Scroll down to the National Drug List and
  • Select the National Drug list (Searchable) hyperlink or EBC.pdf

If something’s not covered, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about:

Finding another drug, or switching to a generic or over-the-counter drug.

RX Pricing Tool

RX Mail Order Form and Overview

Dental Insurance

Delta Dental PPO, Group #: 20066.

Phone – 1-800-932-0783

Click here to learn more about your Delta coverage

United Concierge Medicine (UCM Digital Health)

UCM Digital Health Overview

To speak with a medical professional call  – 1-844-484-7362