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Employee Handbook


On behalf of the Board of Education for HFM BOCES, thank you for being a part of our team. We believe that every employee at HFM BOCES plays a critical part in fulfilling our mission. Our slogan, “Partner. Advocate. Leader.”, is more than just words. It represents a commitment to respond to the needs of our component school communities with dedication and passion.

BOCES is about cooperation and collaboration. We appreciate the skills and gifts you bring to your employment here, and value the contribution you will make in the lives of those around you. This handbook should equip you with the tools and resources to be successful at HFM BOCES and serve our students.

Please take some time to review this handbook and visit the employee resource site at A printed copy of this handbook is available in Human Resources.

HFM BOCES Employee Handbook (printer-friendly copy)

All new employees are expected to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policies contained in the handbook. The employee handbook is NOT a legal document or contract of employment. The information within may be subject to change without notice. The most up-to-date version of the HFM BOCES Employee Handbook will be posted online.

Table of Contents

Human Resources

Board Policy Manual

HFM Board of Education Information

Policies and Policy Statements