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‘We transform lives!’ When our slogan takes us out on a limb, we had better deliver.

July 5, 2016 | Filed in HFM Superintendent Blog

When our communications team argued—with charts and graphs and bulleted lists—that our 10-year old website was obsolete in Internet years, my mandate became:

Make us relevant while making us new and young again.

The new is more than a list of what we do. We want to explain why we do what we do, and show all our audiences, from our students and staff to parents, our component school and community leaders that we are your partners. Your success is our mission.

So welcome to our new online campus. We hope the look and feel of our website reflects our commitment to innovative thinking and good communication skills, traits we want to instill in all our stakeholders.

The new design incorporates a responsive layout that will adapt to the device you use. Smart phones, tablets and desktop computers using multiple web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari) will get the optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation.

Our old site served us well and long, but as we aged, our information focused more and more on our own staff, and they increasingly became our primary audience. But we serve several distinct audiences, so the new site was designed to include targeted sections for students, parents, our component schools and our business partners. As we develop content for each area, we expect to offer a rich resource of helpful information that ties us all together.

It’s in our name —BOCES: Board of COOPERATIVE Education Services. Our mission is to foster collaborative partnerships that result in outstanding educational opportunities for students in our area. That’s a goal for this new website. And, that’s how we transform lives!

The new design has been in the works for nearly two years. Many in-house conversations, surveys and interviews with our stakeholders helped build the foundation, and the creative efforts of the Capital Region BOCES Communication Service built the site.

We are proud that our own Digital Multimedia and Communications students shot most of the photos and video on the site. As we settle into our new skin, we hope to feature much more of all our students’ work and accomplishments. After all, this is really about them.

  • Dr. Patrick Michel, District Superintendent