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HFM BOCES reopening plan available

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Technology and Connectivity

The divisions and programs at HFM BOCES will meet the technology and connectivity needs of their students and staff in the following ways:

  • Students and staff members will be surveyed to determine their level of access to devices/high-speed broadband.
  • Students and staff members will be provided devices and internet access to the greatest extent practicable. These services may be provided by the student’s home school district. Students without consistent and reliable access to high-speed internet will be addressed on a case-by-case basis in order to modify accommodations to best fit their needs.
  • Students will be provided multiple ways to participate in learning and demonstrate mastery of learning standards.
  • Students, staff and families will be provided instruction on the use of provided technology.
  • Students will be supported with technology to ensure they have access and equity in the educational process.
  • HFM BOCES will provide professional development for teachers/leaders on effective online/remote learning.
  • IT support will be provided for students, teachers, families though remote computer support or replacement devices.