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PTECH students meet disabled athletes ahead of adaptive sports project

April 27, 2017 | Filed in Archive
hermin Garic and his racing wheelchair

Hermin Garic shows students his racing wheelchair.

PTECH students have been tasked with adapting a sport or piece of sporting equipment for disabled athletes, and Monday they had the opportunity to interact with their would-be clients.

To help the students better understand the challenges, athletes from the Sitrin STARS (Success Through Adaptive Recreation and Sports) visited PTECH, sharing their stories with students.

Jimmy Joseph

Jimmy Joseph shows the students how mobile he is despite the his missing limbs.

Elite road racer Hermin Garic, who competes in distance races including marathons, spoke to the students about how a childhood accident that left him without the use of his legs led to him to embrace adaptive sports. Garic showed students the how his specially designed wheelchair works and answered their questions about the equipment he uses.

Paralympic curler Jimmy Joseph shared with students how he lost his legs in an accident while working on the back of a sanitation truck, emphasizing that he didn’t spend much time feeling sorry for himself. He’s competed in three Olympic games and has plans to continue on Team USA for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

PTECH students are now diving into their project, which will require them to design a prototype of a piece of adaptive sports equipment and produce a 2-minute commercial about it.