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2021-2022 HFM BOCES SLS Survey

1. Instructional Design: Learners follow the inquiry process to define problems; frame questions; and analyze, synthesize, and reflect on information effectively through instruction designed to ensure their continued development.

Satisfied: 66.7%
Neutral: 20%
Need more support: 13.3%

2. Collaborative Planning and Teaching: Learners are encouraged to actively engage in deep learning through collaborative planning and teaching of the school librarian with other educators.

Satisfied: 53.3%
Neutral: 40%
Need more support: 6.7%

3. Assessment for Learning: Learning is regularly assessed in multiple ways to guide instructional decision-making and practice.

Satisfied: 40%
Neutral: 50%
Need more support: 10%

4. Multiple Literacies: Learners know when information is needed; use multiple literacies including information, reading digital, visual, and media to locate, interpret, and evaluate information in multiple formats; and use information effectively.

Satisfied: 40%
Neutral: 50%
Need more support: 10%

5. Reading: Learners have high levels of reading literacy and become independent, lifelong readers.

Satisfied: 66.7%
Neutral: 26.7%
Need more support: 6.6%

6. Inquiry Learning: Independent learners follow their curiosity to ask questions, interpret and evaluate information, construct their own understandings, share their learning with others, and develop social responsibility and strategies for reflection and self- assessment.

Satisfied: 36.7%
Neutral: 53.3%
Need more support: 10%

7. Digital Citizenship and Social Responsibility: Learners seek multiple perspectives and use information and ideas expressed in a variety of formats in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner.

Satisfied: 53.3%
Neutral: 33.3%
Need more support: 13.3%

8. Intellectual Freedom: Learners seek multiple perspectives and use information and ideas expressed in a variety of formats in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner.

Satisfied: 76.7%
Neutral: 13.3%
Need more support: 10%

9. Social Learning: Learners develop skills in sharing knowledge and learning with others both in face-to-face situations and through technology.

Satisfied: 46.7%
Neutral: 43.3%
Need more support: 10%

10. Teaching Diverse Learners: All learners value themselves and others and are empowered to develop to their full potential through access to diverse resources, a variety of learning strategies and culturally responsive learning experiences.

Satisfied: 66.7%
Neutral: 23.3%
Need more support: 10%

11. Student Agency: Learners develop personal identity and exert control, autonomy, and power over their own learning experiences through choice and discovery; students are empowered to express their voice.

Satisfied: 80%
Neutral: 20%

What is your position in school for 21-22

30 responses
School Library Media Specialist: 73.3%
Library TA or Aide: 20%
Certified teacher assigned to the library: 6.7%

School Grade Levels (select all that match students in your school)

Grade 12: 10 (33.3%)
Grade 11: 10 (33.3%)
Grade 10: 10 (33.3%)
Grade 9: 10 (33.3%)
Grade 8: 10 (33.3%)
Grade 7: 10 (33.3%)
Grade 6: 12 (40%)
Grade 5: 14 (46.7%)
Grade 4: 14 (46.7%)
Grade 3: 14 (46.7%)
Grade 2: 15 (50%)
Grade 1: 15 (50%)
Grade K: 15 (50%)
Grade PK: 9 (30%)

School Name

Barkley Elementary
Tecler Elementary
Lynch Middle School
OESJ Elementary
OESJ Jr/Sr High
Warren St. Elementary
Harry Hoag Elementary
Boulevard Elementary
McNulty Elementary
Marie Curie Elementary
Broadalbin-Perth Elementary
Broadalbin-Perth Jr/Sr High
Canajoharie High School
Edinburgh Central School
Fonda-Fultonville Elementary
Fonda-Fultonville High School
Fonda-Fultonville Middle School
Pleasant Ave Elementary
Johnstown Jr/Sr High
Kingsborough Elementary
Gloversville Middle School
Gloversville High School
Park Terrace Elementary
Northville Middle/High School
Northville Elementary School
Wheelerville Union Free School
Wells Central School
Fort Plain Jr/Sr High School
Canajoharie Middle School
Amsterdam High School