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Charles Arney


Mr. Arney came to PTECH from the Rochester area, where he worked as a long-term substitute in the Caledonia-Mumford school district.

Prior to teaching, he spent several years working in the field as an archaeologist. He’s also worked as a historic interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, where he taught military history and weapons demonstrations, and at the Hanford Mills Museum and the Cooperstown Farmers Museum, where he taught the history and techniques of blacksmithing.

Mr. Arney earned his Bachelor of Science in anthropology and his Master of Education in secondary level social studies from SUNY Brockport.

In his own words

From what do you draw inspiration in your life/teaching career?

I remember, long ago, what it was like to be in high school with many challenges and few supports. My drive is to be the teacher that I wanted but never had. I want to give my students the inspiration to discover on their own and know they can rely on me to help them.

Why did you choose teaching, and what do you enjoy most about it?
I enjoy when a student has that “aha moment.” I love it when students put the historical trends into their own words and start asking the next questions.

Why teach at PTECH?

I learned a tremendous amount through my own projects. When I learned about this school as a project based school, I thought this was the perfect fit for me.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I collect a variety of skills. I enjoy blacksmithing, woodworking, machining, electronics and even sewing and knitting. I live in  Johnstown with my wife and young daughter.