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Main Office

Main office phone: 518-762-9119

Mike Satterlee
Interim Principal (part time)

Paul Williamsen
Interim Principal (part time)

Jennifer Sponnoble
School Counselor
Read Mrs. Sponnoble’s bio

Melody Prentice
School Secretary

Betsy DeMars
Communications Specialist
Read Mrs. DeMars’ bio

Evette Hess
Teachers Aide — FMCC

Nicole Walrath
Director of Workforce Development
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Teaching Staff

Charles Arney
Social Studies
Read Mr. Arney’s bio

Jennifer Drake ‎
FMCC Transition Coordinator/Special Education
On-site phone: 518-774-7799
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Anna Goderie
Read Mrs. Goderie’s bio

Lisa Johnson
Robotics, Math
Read Mrs. Johnson’s bio

Sandra Barkevich
Business/Career Exploration‎

Jeanne Halloran
Special Education
Read Mrs. Halloran’s bio

Susan Pienta
Read Mrs. Pienta’s bio

Melissa McGill
Read Ms. McGill’s bio

Ping Huang
Chinese Language Instructor
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Martin Vysohlid
Math, Physics
Read Mr. Vysohlid’s bio

Kayleigh Denney
Physical Education, Health