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Jansen Avenue Menus

All PTECH students can eat breakfast and lunch for free.

Available daily with meals: Milk (1% lowfat or nonfat),  assorted fruit and juices, assorted condiments

Daily breakfast alternatives: Toasted bagel, fruit muffin, assorted cereal bowls with whole wheat toast or yogurt with graham crackers.

Daily lunch alternatives: PBJ sandwich, yogurt with biscuit or rolls

The monthly menu is subject to change without notice.

Questions about the menu should be directed to Darla Sanford at 518-853-4508, extension 4218.

September menus

September Breakfast Menu

September 5: Mini bagels

September 6: Breakfast pizza

September 7: Ham and cheese breakfast sandwich

September 10: Assorted cereal bowls, whole wheat toast

September 11: Assorted bagels with choice of toppers

September 12: Pancakes with warm syrup

September 13: Hot egg & cheese breakfast sandwich

September 14: Apple spice muffin

September 17: French toast minis with warm syrup

September 18: Assorted cereal bowls, whole wheat toast

September 19: Hot Ham & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

September 20: Golden Jiffy Stick, warm syrup

September 21: Assorted bagels with choice of toppers

September 24: Assorted cereal bowls, whole wheat toast

September 25: Chocolate breakfast muffin

September 26: Cinni Minis

September 27: Mini strawberry bagels

September 28: Golden waffles with warm syrup

September Lunch Menu

September 5: Baked chicken patty on a bun or Buffalo chicken sandwich, baby carrots with dip

September 6: Brunch for lunch — golden waffles with warm syrup, baked sausage patties, golden tater tots

September 7: Assorted pizza slices, cucumbers and tomatoes

September 10: Mexican taco on a whole grain tortilla or hard shells, fluffy pilaf, baked beans

September 11: Grilled cheese or grilled ham and cheese sandwich, tomato soup with crackers, fresh broccoli with dip

September 12: Pasta with meatballs, warm bread stick, glazed carrots

September 13: Buffalo chicken wrap, oatmeal raisin cookie, marinated vegetables

September 14: Bacon cheeseburger or hamburger with bun, seasoned potato wedges

September 17: Chicken rice bowl, seasoned broccoli, apple crisp

September 18: Meatball sub or hot dog on a bun, baked beans

September 19: Roast turkey mashed potato bowl with gravy and rolls, golden corn

September 20: Ham and cheese wrap, macaroni salad, baby carrots with dip

September 21: BBQ chicken tenders, warm buscuits, broccoli and cukes with dip

September 24: Turkey grinder with cheese sticks, broccoli soup, Sun Chips

September 25: Mac and cheese, warm pretzel, seasoned broccoli

September 26: Steak sandwich with peppers and onions, chocolate chip cookies, seasoned carrots

September 27: Mexican taco salad, fluffy rice, baked beans

September 28: Assorted pizza slices, capri vegetables